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LET ME PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Close [Copy link]

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Could you please stop posting this again and again? Like Alice already said in the other thread:

User Alice
As I said in another thread. The closed beta process is usually (not always but 95 out of 100) very selective of how many players join. The whole point of this beta is to test the server stability and how many players they can hold. When they feel comfortable with the server with the players they have currently they'll send more invites.  Everyone will most likely get a chance, it just takes time. American Mcgee already stated it should be at the least 1 month of closed beta, but that's a rough estimate. He says it may be longer, but it won't be less than that. You'll have your opportunity to play, just be patient, young padawan.

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Kepp in mind, it's beta testing as well, we won't get to keep these characters, and it's more about testing the game for bugs and helping with feedback, as opposed to playing the game. If you're in it simply to enjoy it, you should wait till the game goes full release simply cause a lot of the core problems will be worked out, and it will be a much more enjoyable experience all around. Patience is a virtue my friend, and it pays off well.

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Looks like we have a child over here.

Dude, wait for the next wave of keys. The game is awesome, but there's some bugs that make the game nearly unplayable ( you can't pass the mission 4-1, in example ). So if you wait till the next wave, the game will have already a LOT of fix and updates.

Wait for your turn.

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henzo, as in the other thread, please be patient. I know you want to play but we can't open the game up to everyone just yet. You'll get a chance to play in time.

Thanks kamikazefee, jbapply and herohgamer for your comments

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