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Cunning class too squishy? [Copy link]

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I'm level 15 right now and going fully cunning. The problem is that it seems that the class is too squishy. While Prowess have semi heal/ attack ( or double life steal from dual wielding) and fortitude have def up, Cunning has well..ninja escape ( which is a nice skill btw but the cooldown and energy cost makes it less than reliable). So this pretty much requires Cunning to go Hybrid, which is a shame since I love the concept of a pure ninja class.
So I was thinking that Cunning needs a buff, and considering the theme of the class which revolves around elusiveness and traps, maybe adding another stat called "Evasion" wouldn't be too bad? Or considering how the class has Dueling mastery, maybe a " Parry" stat, that allows you to counter-attack at a moderate chance? Since it's not 100% you still have the risk of getting hit so this won't make it too OP? Or just  get rid of the 2 shots skills and replace them with something more useful? The charge shot is useless aside from singling out mob, but it's so underwhelming and most of the time the game just throws waves and waves of enemy at you anyway. Also with bosses now being immune to poison I hardly see any use for the poison shot.
How does this sound? Thoughts anyone?

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I know what you mean about the squishy. I gave in and learnt one heal spell from the Endurance tree when I started out. It's actually not as bad now since you can buy heal pots from the vendor!

And the buff skill for Cunning gains a Heal over Time bonus on higher levels so it's not so bad. You will still need to kite a lot though! =P

As for Poison Shot... I'm fairly sure the poison effect never affected bosses anyway. Poison Shot comes in handy later though when you get it high enough as it gets a "Fear" Bonus. It's nice for reducing mobs chasing you as one shot = one monster not only dying to DoT but running away as well!

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Still sad that the shots skills only hit a measly 1 enemy for such a big energy cost. Since for mobs you can just caltrops+firebomb (which is what I do 90% of the time), even if Poison and Charge shot gets much better with level up I still feel that they are really underwhelming compared to let's say Skin of Stone or Hungry Cleave from Fortitude and Prowess respectively. However I can see some use for high level shots by assassinating mobs one by one from afar, this makes Overrun much easier, but then the skills require too much investment in them to actually be good.
Also even with the HoT from Dark Hunter buff, I still feel that there are missed potential. Just by adding a "arry" or "Evasion" stats would make it so much better. Of course evasion rate can be reduced the higher the number of mobs are attacking you to prevent it being too good, but for bosses Cunning desperately needs some form of defence that they can rely on other than HoT.
It's pretty depressing when a boss can 3HKO you just like that.

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