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关于《小红帽》的延续开发和维护的通告 [Copy link]

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A Word About Continued Development and Support for Akaneiro


Akaneiro Players,


A little history and an update regardingAkaneiro development going forward: Development on Akaneiro started during theearly months of 2011. Since that time, we've maintained a development teamaveraging 15 people/month on the project. In total, around 360 man-months havegone towards development, bringing our investment in dollars to nearly $2million USD. In that same period, we've generated roughly 300kUSD in revenue -this includes funds collected via the Kickstarter campaign, F2P purchasesin-game, and one-time purchases via Steam. In simple math: We've spent $2million, we've made $300k, we're "in the hole" $1.7 million.

首先回顾一下《小红帽》的历史并更新一下其现状: 《小红帽》的开发是从2011年初开始的。 从那时起,我们为这个项目保持了15 人/每月的一个开发团队。 总的来说, 我们用了360人次/月在这个项目的开发上, 总共投资为2百万美金。 但是同时, 这个项目的收入只有30万美金, 包括我们从Kickstarter融资到的钱和一次性的卖给Steam这个免费玩家平台的钱。 简单的计算就是我们用了2百万美金,但是我们的收入只有30万美金, 我们损失了1.7百万美金。

Given this situation, we now have no choicebut to radically alter the approach we're taking to maintaining and improvingthe game. The core development team has been reduced in size to just twopeople. They will continue to address bugs and make improvements while workingtowards goals like multi-player and tablet support, but progress will beslower. Depending on the success of our other remaining title, The Gate, we mayone day find ourselves in a position to throw greater resources at Akaneiro. Wecertainly hope that will be the case.

基于以上的情况,我们现在唯有彻底地改变我们现有维护及改进游戏的方式。核心开发团队已经减少到只有两个人。他们将继续修改漏洞,并进行改进,最终目标是把《小红帽》做成多人游戏和平板电脑的游戏。但是这个过程将缓慢进行。 鉴于我们另一个项目《地狱之门》的成功,相信总有一天我们会为《小红帽》投入更多的资源。 我们绝对相信这个愿望是会实现的。

What's written here quickly in a fewparagraphs represents some truly painful internal decisions and adjustments.Our Shanghai-based development team recently underwent downsizing so that allresources can be directed towards the one game that offers the greatest chanceof bringing much-needed stability to our studio. If we can achieve our goalswith The Gate, then we can bring greater attention to Akaneiro.

在此我们沉痛的宣布这些艰难的内部决定和调整。 近期,我们已经缩减了在上海的研发团队,以便集中所有的资源到我们仅剩的项目。这是我们工作室能盈利并生存下去的最大机会。 如果我们的《地狱之门》的游戏能够成功, 我们才有可能给《小红帽》更多的注意。

Life as an independent developer is filledwith the constant threat of failure. This isn't the first time in our 8 yearhistory we've faced this sort of challenge. It's not the first time we've hadto reduce staff on one of our games. It is different because of the demand fortransparency that comes with being a part of Kickstarter. In providingtransparency like this, I am asking for your understanding and I am hoping foryour support.

像我们这样的独立开发游戏的游戏商时常面临失败的威胁。 我们公司成立8年来,这不是我们第一次遇到这样的挑战。 也不是我们第一次必须减少其中一个游戏项目的员工。 因为成为Kickstarter一员要求提供透明的信息。 因此提供这些信息, 我请求你们的理解和支持。

As is usually the caseafter these sorts of painful adjustments, we are now in a better position tosurvive, build success with The Gate, and re-focus development on Akaneiro withlessons learned from the mistakes we've made. Help us out by sending yourfeedback to us via support.spicyhorse.com.

And please, continue to keep the discussiongoing here on Kickstarter. We're listening, we care, and we're excited aboutyour involvement in the future of Akaneiro and our other projects.

经过艰难的调整之后,我们现在的处境有所好转。 《地狱之门》小有成功, 同时我们从《小红帽》失败中的得到了教训和经验。请大家能把你们的建议和意见告诉我们,请发邮件到support.spicyhorse.com

希望大家能继续在Kickstarter上探讨。我们会认真地听取,重视, 并感激你们对《小红帽》以及其他项目参与。

- American  


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Sad to hear the bad news; I hope that things will get better in the future for the development team. This game has so much potential, I'd hate to see it being cancelled.

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Darn, the game was going really REALLY well at the beginning. I do hope your other games will bring money to the game industry and fix Akaneiro and make it better, Mr. Mcgee. :/

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I know it's been a long time and you have basically everything else in the world to worry about, but plz plz plz don't forget about Akaneiro? I really like this game and it has so much potential, and it would be such a shame and waste if the development just stopped. I sincerely hope to see it being finalized and even available on tablets in the future

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