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About Crazy Fairies [Copy link]

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Post time 2014-4-29 19:11:44 |Show all posts
I know that Crazy Fairies is already handled by a new developer but I am still looking forward to see if there's any hope you can make the game's upkeep up and running again...the game has alot of potential and it was destroyed by hackers and stuff, actually I could literally spam the suggestion forums of Crazy Fairies easily with my ideas on the game, please tell me you still have a plan to make Crazy Fairies as populated, as awesome, as top-rated, as good as before ^_^

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Post time 2014-5-2 22:37:51 |Show all posts
Dude, I don't think that there is anyone alive in Spicy Horse.
They don't even answer to the people about the other Spicy games anymore.

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Post time 2014-5-3 07:49:05 |Show all posts
I want crazy fairies back D:

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Post time 2014-5-4 08:20:36 |Show all posts
I'm sorry if you guys feel like there's no one alive at Spicy Horse. In fact, there are 31 of us in Shanghai and another 5 in the US. We are very much alive and doing everything we can to stay that way. At this moment, supporting Crazy Fairies is not part of the plan for our survival. That game has never made any money for our studio - not enough to pay for what we invested in its development, not enough to pay for continued support (or even the server costs).

We will keep the servers up as long as we're able. If they go down for some reason, we will work to get them back online. If you see them go down, then send a note to http://support.spicyhorse.com After you've submitted a ticket, please be patient.

We do not have a team dedicated to supporting Crazy Fairies, so response times are going to be slow. On top of that, we are in the middle of a Chinese National Holiday, so the ENTIRE COUNTRY is on vacation right now.

There's not much else to tell about this topic, so please don't be surprised if we aren't back here continuing to chat about this.


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Post time 2014-5-5 04:27:40 |Show all posts
Finally the BIG Kahuna has spoken.

The problem is, that we didn't know who to ask anymore. Looks like you sold the game to the worst studio in the universe. But I am happy for you, that you at least got something for it. Its nice to know, that we can still count on you guys. THX!

- games mechanics and playability are phenomenal, so no mistake there.
- maybe a Crazy Fairies name for a artillery game was not the best choice. You have to be a bit crazy to like it. Like me and some other guys. But its not for the normal gamer.

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Eliminate Any Survivors

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Post time 2015-11-9 18:51:07 |Show all posts
Wow really? Crazies Fairies is now being manange by a new team? Also is the Crazy Faires mobile no longer active?

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