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Akaneiro - Terms of Service [Copy link]

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Akaneiro - Terms of Service

As a player of "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" you must understand and abide by the rules of conduct and terms outlined below. Failure to comply can result in the immediate termination of your account and forfeit of the contents of your account. No refunds will be given.

(Also, make sure you've read the Community Rules for the Forum!!! You can find those HERE).

1. You may not harass, abuse, or threaten other players of Akaneiro or any representative of Spicy Horse Games . This includes but is not limited to: Attempting to gain from or cause suffering by submitting Support Tickets that include false information; making excessive forum posts; submitting excessive Support Tickets; obstructing or lying to Spicy Horse employees; or refusal to follow instructions by Spicy Horse employees.

2. You may not use any abusive, derogatory, inflammatory, ethnically or racially offensive, hateful, obscene, threatening or vulgar language - this includes alternate spelling or "masking" of such words.

3. You may not violate any laws (local, state, national or international).

4. You may not impersonate or represent yourself as an employee or representative of Spicy Horse Games. In-game, forum and chat nicknames that have the potential to create confusion on this point are also not allowed - and subject to deletion and banning.

5. You may not engage in activity that causes difficulty for Spicy Horse in maintaining stable performance of Akaneiro servers or services -including client, server, web sites, Customer Support, and other services enjoyed by its developers, support staff, and all other users.

6. You may not publish or distribute private communications from Spicy Horse, its agents or representatives without authorization.

7. You will not attempt or assist in hacking, deciphering, or interfering with network transmissions from Akaneiro servers, nor will you create or use an 3rd-party add-ons, extras, or browser extensions that alter game play in any way.

8. You may not exploit any bug or imbalance in Akaneiro that would result in an unfair advantage over other players. You are obligated to report the existence of such issues through the bug reporting tool at http://support.spicyhorse.com

9. Spicy Horse reserves the right to suspend, edit, ban, and delete any user's account without advance notice as is deemed necessary. Account contents and player progress can be adjusted or deleted as warranted.

10. We reserve the right to ban any user from Akaneiro without notice, refund or compensation.

11. You must have permission of your parent or guardian toplay Akaneiro if you are between 13 and 18 years of age. In compliance with The Children's Online Privacy Act of April, 2000 you may not play Akaneiro if you are under age 13, nor can you enter contests or promotions that are posted to Facebook, the forum or other locations.

12. You will maintain personal control of your account and not share your password or account access information with other players or anyone claiming to be a representative of Spicy Horse Games (we will never ask for your password). You will not be compensated for losses, nor will your account be spared from banning if you break this rule.

13. You will not encourage or incentivize others to break these rules.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the in-game economy, game play balance, difficulty, and other aspects of the game in order to maintain balance within Akaneiro. These adjustments may directly and negatively impact your card collection, game play strategies, and/or create set backs for your game progress.

Terms of Service may be adjusted at any time, without warning. You are obligated to review them from time to time so that you are incompliance with the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them.

By playing Akaneiro you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old.

By playing Akaneiro you agree to abide by the Terms of Service.


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