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Weapon Idea List. [Copy link]

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Post time 2012-12-3 16:54:46 |Show all posts
This thread is simply a list of ideas for weapons.
It's not about making a super over power weapon its about neat and quirky ideas that have fun and unique mechanics to play with.

Ground Hog
Shoots a projectile that slides along the ground until it hits someone or it's time expires

Hand Grenade
Like the sticky grenade but bouncey

Places an exploding copy of you to trick your enemies
haha should be called inflatedouble or explodouble

Drip gun
a projectile that when it hits the ground or wall or cieling leaves a little puddle

Cluster Grenade
Like hand grenade except when it explodes it shoots out a few more weaker grenades

Chain Lightning
Shoots a short range bolt of lightning that arcs between 2-3 people.

Just a rock never needs reloading
lobs like tea cannon/rooster

Double Pistols
Shoots on both sides of you at once

Toxic dart
the player it hits look like ithey're getting shot at by other players(Hallucination)

If projectiles can push around other players with recoil or getting hit by a bullet theres a whole load more

Gattling gun jetpack
Shoot bullets in the direction your pointing and makes pushes you in the other direction

Kinetic Hammer
Fires a projectile that knocks the other person back

Charging guns

Rail gun
Takes a long time to charge(reload) shoots through walls

Explodes and burns a group of people from range

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Post time 2012-12-4 05:32:06 |Show all posts
I simply like all of them.Nice Rock funny one

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Post time 2012-12-13 16:41:29 |Show all posts



Iron Boots (You stomp on the ground and everyone within range is hit for physical)

Spear (arcs like most physicals but its explodes like the cannon but in the way that the sword does so whatever angle it hits it shoots a bee line of energy.

Wand ( Shoots magic that would disappear and reappear every so often. So for example you could shoot like this - - - x or -  -  -  -  x or -   -   -   -   -   -   x. the x is the final explosion. So this way you have a way of shooting though walls in some scenarios.

Summoning you could summon a beast from the sky that came down from directly above you and the angle changed depending on the angle you used.

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Post time 2012-12-18 20:13:29 |Show all posts
I think you should add ak74 that is not a lot of money to get

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Post time 2013-11-5 21:32:21 |Show all posts
Add Some Melee Weapons

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Post time 2014-2-5 07:45:26 |Show all posts
Triple Whammer- Shoots a 9X9 volley of shots, low damage, low RoF, low capacity, short range
Katana- Reflects back shots, average RoF, melee range, 20% damage
Boomstick- Double barrel, incredibly low range, slows down user a bit, 60% HP of the user
G36C- Semi automatic, high RoF, higher damage than AK47 (uses current AK-47 skin)
AK47-New skin, same gun
Bomberman-Drops bombs
-Make the Ray Gun useful, u no?
-Balance CQC weapons to slow down the player so he doesnt reach quickly (to counter lag and toher issues)
-Reduce shotgun range (it shoots as far as the screen)
-Same price as things were on Armor Games

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Post time 2014-3-11 08:02:08 |Show all posts
What about a black hole launcher?
With no damage but prevents that the enemy escape.... Or a net launcher gun.

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