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Author: Laserman

Tokay, can we get this fixed please? [Copy link]

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Laserman replied at 2015-3-18 04:47
True dat.

I'm almost done hunting for cards in shops.

Yes, mare shop has some serious issues too...

1/17 chance to see a slot 2 UR
1/15 chance for a slot 8 UR

This is starting to get out of hand - and I'm not only talking about the inequal chances here, but general chances and time it takes to even see 8 copies of a single UR that you hunt. Putting all 25 into a single cardpool and make that pool spawn in both slots would help relieve the situation a bit: 7.84% chance to see a specific UR in a refresh instead of 5.88% (S2) or 6.67% (S8) - but in the near future we will need a 3rd cardslot here...
...or maybe the demotion (and thus removal from IM shop) of certain weaker UR into SR status (including raidspawns, missions and availibility in gScroll / crystal summon). ;)

After all, having to wait 68 days (S2 cards) to even see 8 copies in average - meaning with a ~50% chance it will take longer! - is already a real test of patience. With more cards in the cardpool it will become ridiculous...

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Feanyar replied at 2015-3-19 08:04
Yes, mare shop has some serious issues too...

1/17 chance to see a slot 2 UR

It's far worse then that.
there's 7 cards that can appear Slot 2 and 8.
12 cards that appear Slot 2 only and 10 that appear slot 8 only.

Effectively making it 1/19 for slot 2 for 12 cards, 1/17 for 10 cards in slot 8.
The 7 cards that appear in both slots have a 1/9 chance since they can appear in both places.
This really clogs things up and needs to be FIXED!

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Oh, its 19 cards in the S2 pool and 17 in the S8 pool? Well, yeah... even worse then. xP

The cards that appear in both slots have a prob. of showing up at least in one of them per reset of:
P = 1 - 18/19 * 16/17 = 10.8%

But yeah... well. Since 1.45 goes live, there seem to be disciple shards now in event island, maybe they changed things in shops too to relieve out pain. ^^

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FlightTribe replied at 2015-3-12 17:24
Only the arena shop was modified.

To clarify, the R4s in slot 4 are the normal ones you can get in- ...

So, when can we expect a fix for the Ilsa Mare Shop?

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Why not just do it like advantage weapon summon, if there's 20 cards(example), day 1 random pick 1 card, day 2 random pick 1 card from the rest of 19 cards, day 3 pick 1 card out the remaining 18 cards. After all the cards appeared, start over again. So every cycle all the cards have the same chance, If adding more cards in the future, the cycle just gets longer but all the cards still have the same chance. At some point, consider more cards slots so 2-3 UR cards can show up at the same time. We can just use this system before figuring out some complicated system.

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