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Any one else with Isla Mare problems? [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-3-25 05:21:51 |Show all posts
I have strong cards (Lv25) against me on Isla mare from the first match on the first island.
I am Lv30 with all Lv25 cards but can hardly win a single fight without revival. How am I supposed to get to the required number of Marestones to make even ONE nightmare evolve within 2015 if this goes on like that?

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Post time 2015-3-25 05:32:31 |Show all posts
Where's your Full Argestes?

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Post time 2015-3-25 06:12:23 |Show all posts
Laserman replied at 2015-3-25 05:32
Where's your Full Argestes?

At lv 22 , 2x evolved ( not 3x evolved because I wasted this card 2x at the beginning of the game and buying it in isla mare means winning there from time to time)

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Post time 2015-3-25 10:03:50 |Show all posts
Don't feel bad. I'm lvl 51 with several nightmare evolved deciples
and can't get through more than 2-3 battles.

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Post time 2015-3-25 10:31:11 |Show all posts
Having lv25 cards and no NE it's the worst phase in this game. I have been there before and i can still remember it was really hard not facing a team with NE cards, making it really hard to farm.

I was winning 1-3 fights at that moment but constantly farming every day. After a long time doing it, i was able to replace a SR and started to get better results. After more UR cards gathered and i could complete it again.

Better things will come in time.

Also, you have the Arena to help you get more UR cards as well. Fighting and winning there once grants you 2k honor daily, 18k weekly, 72k monthly. In one month of farming it's more than enough to get a full card from there that costs under 9k honor.

Remember The Gate haven't a fast progress game unless you spend money. If you are a free player, you need to plan your next month or two in advance, stick to it no matter what, and most of all be patient.

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Post time 2015-3-25 14:07:56 |Show all posts
Thanks for the replys guys,
I was beginning to wonder if it is just me.
happy hunting...

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