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How I got Akaneiro working under Wine [Copy link]

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Edited by buscher at 2013-1-16 07:47

As I Finally got it working here my quick wine akaneiro howto.

First of all I only tested it with wine 1.5.21, it might or might not work with older version.
As I was told Akaneiro uses DX10, so you rather want newer wine version than older
Ok let's get started!
HINT: Run EVERYTHING as user, NOT root.

1. Get the Client from http://dropcanvas.com/kygex (not a direct link) "[WIN] Akaneiro Launcher Installer.exe"

2. Install the Game.
Run on the console
$ wine \[WIN\]\ Akaneiro\ Launcher\ Installer.exe
$ wine "[WIN] Akaneiro Launcher Installer.exe"
whatever you prefer, its the same.

3. Follow the Installation
At the end of the Installation it ask you to start the game after that, don't start it.
You can try start it, but it won't work (at least with wine 1.5.21 might work in future). It hangs at the version check.

4. Get ws2_32.dll
If you windows is mounted for example under /mnt/windows_C
Run on the Console:
$ cp /mnt/windows_C/Windows/System32/ws2_32.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Akaneiro\ Launcher/
get the ws2_32.dll somewhere else, maybe the Internet.
And put it under ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Akaneiro\ Launcher/

5. Override ws2_32.dll
Run on the Console:
$ winecfg
Go to the "Libraries" tab.
And write in the "New override for library:"-combobox "ws2_32"
And Press "Add", now wine warns you not to do it, but we have to, do it.

6. Run the Game
Go to the wine Akaneiro directory
$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Akaneiro\ Launcher/
and run the game via
$ WINEDEBUG="-all" wine launcher.exe

That's it!
NOTE: WINEDEBUG="-all" is just for hiding all debug/info/warn messages, to gain a tiny bit more performance.

The game runs "OK" to good, sometimes the performance is not very good, but playable.
With wine-alsa I had no sound issues. The Game itself sometimes had some lag issues, but I was told that is also the case under windows.
I aslo tested Fullscreen/Windowed with and without wine virtual Desktop, it works fine

And here my System specs:
- AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor @ 3.0Ghz
- GeForce GTX 560

- nvidia-drivers-310.19
- xorg-server-
- kernel 3.7.2

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At first glance I thought you were running it under an actual wine lol. Now I wonder do they really fit together.

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Edited by Screwtape at 2013-6-16 18:10

I just tried installing the game under Wine 1.6rc2 on Debian Jessie, with kernel 3.9 and Mesa 9.1. It doesn't work *perfectly*, but it works well enough to play and runs at max quality on my Intel HD4000 graphics. I didn't have to mess with "ws2_32.dll" or anything.

Problems I've seen so far include:

- when I walk up to some people in town and some places in the level, I see a big white floating rectangle that I'm guessing should have some text in it. When I say "floating", I mean even the mouse-cursor slides underneath it, so I guess there's some kind of ordering bug.

- When I tick "full screen" in settings, the game decides that it really wants to run at 800x600 or 640x480 or something, which makes it difficult to read small text like the names of dropped items, or item stats in the inventory screen.

EDIT: OK, maybe I spoke too soon. After exiting the game, when I try to launch it again it crashes. :/

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