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Begginers guide to Chains of Darkness [Copy link]

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Edited by 1426390971tntdw8 at 2015-6-18 11:06

Thought I'd write a guide on the best way to get started in Chains of Darkness. This is only a rough guide, I hope it helps. I am level 48 on Bloodshed (XxDEVILMAN) and level 39 on Cataclysm (Boobscotch).

The games tutorial although slow and sometimes annoying will progressively show you all the areas in the game that you will need to explore daily.  All areas will be unlocked by level 22 (I think) and it should only take you a day or 2 to get to lvl 22.

At lvl 22 you will have at least these 5 cards:  Queen Mariana, water, healer
                                                                         Princess Ekek, wind, damage dealer
                                                                         Mephisto, fire, damage dealer
                                                                         King Zagan, earth, tank/damage hybrid
                                                                         Enki's Archer, wind, damage dealer

Every card has an element, fire, water, earth and wind. Fire is strong against wind, water against fire, earth against water and wind against earth. If you want to double up on an element (2 fire cards etc) I recommend replacing your earth card.

The moment you get Enki's Archer swap it with Princess Ekek. Only upgrade the 4 cards you are using. Try and get Marianna to 3 stars ASAP and make her the deck leader. By this stage you should have a rough idea of what you are doing. Out of those 4 cards only Enki's, Mariana and Mephisto are worth upgrading to 4 star cards. You can safely and semi quickly upgrade your whole deck to 3 star lvl 5 cards. (Whilst doing this I highly recommend you start farming 2 star card shards, only concentrate on 1 or 2)

Now that you have the basics you will want to decide on a 4 star card deck for middle game.
Here are the 4 cards I would recommend Enki's (wind, damage), Mariana (water, healer), Prince Merihim (fire, stun) and Craggy Namtar ( earth, tank/ debuffer).

Areas are: Normal story, Hard Story, Dungeon, Raid, Arena, Expedition, Lost island, Devils mines.

Normal Story: drops weapons/armor, upgrade mats, exp cards. **Note: To unlock hard mode you only have to complete all the missions, it doesn't matter how many stars you achieve. **Best tip, you should get 3 stars if your deck lvl is roughly half the recommended lvl of the stage.

Hard story: drops card shards, upgrade mats. **Note: You will spend most of your hope here. Always spend any spare hope getting card shards to make more cards.

Dungeon: has different areas. Do not bother with soul coins, stone treasure or equip material unless you desperately need to upgrade.  **Note: every so often a card shard dungeon will appear, I highly recommend spending all your hope here for a day or 2 to farm enough shards to make a card.

Raid:  quite simply do all 5 attacks per day, everyday. Finishing in the top 3 will yield you a card shard for that boss. 1st 3 shards, 2nd 2 shards, 3rd 1 shard. Every boss has an elemental weakness, pick your single strongest card of his weakness and only fight him with that card. Shoot the crystals with that card for bonus damage.  **Best raid tip, if you have the time and are not trying to finish in top 3, use your raid battles on multiple boss's. You will get more raid currency to spend in the shop.

Arena: PVP. Simple, it's your deck vs there's. Just keep fighting your way up the ladder. **Note, when challenging you start with no fury (special attack) but your opponent starts with roughly half fury. Also the fight is computer controlled so expect to lose a few fights you thought you could win.

Expedition: This is the main reason why you need as many cards as possible. If you have plenty of spare time play the 1 and 2 star sections. When you go to bed try and get a 3 or 4 star cranking. This is an awesome place to get Xp cards. Also eventually you can buy a random card once per week (980 stars).  **Best tip, the daily prize caps at 140 stars, you won't be able to do this until you have at least 30 cards but the prize is 100 gold.

Lost island:  Make this the first thing you do when you log in. You will need to get to roughly stage 7 everyday so play the later stages carefully. Also stage 5 can reward 3 and 4 star equipment. **Note, do not buy anything in the shop except Midnight stone, you need to purchase at least 1 of these a day, you require 40 of these to upgrade your card from 4 stars to 5 stars. So to get 4 purple cards you need 160 of these.

Devil's mines. To get the maximum number of shards per hour your cards total lvl has to add up to 121. So you will need 3, lvl 30 cards and 1 lvl 31 card. **Best tip, just start with Blood Garden, do 2 green, then 1 red, then 1 purple. Do not start using the shards until your cards are 4 star and max out 1 card at a time.

If you've actually read this far, thank you and I hope that this guide helps you out. Feel free to ask me anything in game or on the forums.

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We should totally work together. PM me, and I'll put your guide to to Wikia too..

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Post time 2015-6-18 17:58:36 |Show all posts
Solear replied at 2015-6-18 14:50
We should totally work together. PM me, and I'll put your guide to to Wikia too..

I think I pm'd you but I'm kinda new to these forums. Feel free to put it up on the wiki etc. also I can write up some more guides etc. Quick question, how do I change my forum name?

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How is Enki's Archer guaranteed? I haven't got him yet and am lvl28.

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Gralcio replied at 2015-8-31 01:45
How is Enki's Archer guaranteed? I haven't got him yet and am lvl28.

Maybe he means have 1 of those cards?

I didn't start with an Enki and had to farm shards for him. Sucks but that may be your only option if you want him.

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Post time 2015-8-31 18:09:05 |Show all posts
Ah, ok. Thankies!

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Post time 2015-8-31 19:14:29 |Show all posts
Enkis Archer used be guaranteed. You used to get him as a log in reward.

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Post time 2015-8-31 22:50:27 |Show all posts
I see. I guess that's not the case anymore ;(

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