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Author: Necalan

Page Collections! [Copy link]

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Hey there!

I know this forum isn't too active anymore but I was wondering if anyone could help me identify which cards I'm missing on these two pages of my collection. I can't upload pictures for some reason so I'll just write the ones I have out.

Page 24: 1.Ciemes Cyclone (3 Crystals), 2.Prince Orocas (3 Crystals), 3.King Rimmon (3 Crystals), 4.Duke Cresil (3 Crystals), 5.King Zagam (3 Crystals). I know that one of the three I'm missing here is Fluttering Nybras with 3 Crystals.

Page 31: 1.King Rimmon (3 Crystals), 2.Akop the Azoic (1 Crystal), 3.Irvene Ice Tears (1 Crystal), 4.Horned Arach (1 Crystal), 5.Vortex Succubus (1 Crystal), 6.Mariana Succubus (1 Crystal).

I should probably note that I don't have all other pages completed, it's just that thanks to other posts here I know which cards I need except for these 4. So if you know any that I'm missing I'd be thankful if you could enlighten me!

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