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Author: tokay

Critical Announcement - Last Days of Eternity [Copy link]

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On a lighter note, in response to all the positive feedback we've seen from the majority of you: Thank you!

We really appreciate all the support and trust you've given the company over the years.

And we do hear your feedback on ways to improve the games going forward.

There were a *ton* of lessons learned from The Gate - design decisions we know never to make again, ideas spawned from our interactions with you here on the forums, and business decisions we'll be more informed about next time they arise.

The Gate had a good run. It literally kept the business alive during our darkest hours. And it's what's given foundation to the recent re-investment and re-structuring that we're undergoing. Myself and the team are *very* excited about the series of games we now have in development.

I do hope at least some of you will stick with us as we launch these new titles. We'd love to continue hearing your feedback on what we're doing right and wrong.

Thanks again

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tokay replied at 2015-8-13 17:02
On a lighter note, in response to all the positive feedback we've seen from the majority of you: Tha ...

That's a nice thought going forward for the company Tokay, but what about the players that have invested in the gate? are you saying you now want us to flag that, and invest all over again into something new? Not sure that anyone that has spent thousands in the gate would be so silly to do it all over again just for the same things to happen all over. Haven't we been providing feedback and suggestions all along? Yet, for all the communications that were happening here there did not appear to be anything happening on the other end. It is certainly unfortunate that this decision has been made because like has been said by many here - the gate is (was) the best CCG around that just needed a larger player base to turn better figures for the SH bean counters. It is profit that drives any company and we all can understand the decisions that you have had to make, but perhaps do not understand why there was what appeared to be insufficient marketing for this title to attract new players. If people don't know about the gate how can you expect them to come to the party?

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Ours is not the first game in history to stop being supported after some time. It's not the first product based on item collection to attract huge interest from fans, then fade into obscurity after some years. Lots of people out there with massive collections of cassette tapes or hats or laser discs which cost a fortune to build and are worthless today. Will you be demanding refunds and compensation from movie companies when DVDs and BluRays go the way of the dodo? Everything dies.

"Yet, for all the communications that were happening here there did not appear to be anything happening on the other end." Really? I mean... really? See, this is the funny thing about human memory. It's selective. You (and I) recall a negative thing said to us 100x more easily than something positive. Similarly, you recall more powerfully those times we said "no" to a feature request or design idea than all the other times when we said "yes."

And you know... let's say we *never* listened to a single suggestion you guys made. Ok. LOTS of game companies out there that behave *exactly like that*. Hugely successful game companies. Listening to customers and implementing their ideas in games is not, as a rule, a guaranteed path to success. Not listening? Look at all the flack EA gets. Microsoft. Sony. The all-revered Valve? Do these companies have a history of or reputation of being responsive to customer feedback? EA... voted "worst company in the US" by gamers... and you're going to tell me we're somehow worse than them?


I mean, you can think that... but it's going to be impossible for me to take seriously anything you say afterwards. Call me silly!

But, you know, we do listen. And guess what? We would LOVE if one day we read something you'd posted on the forums and saw that... lo and behold... you'd SOLVED the F2P design issues we're grappling with! Gosh... that would be a billion dollar idea. Do you really think we'd reject that, ignore it... if it was gold?

Again, you can think that... but again I don't know how to take you seriously if you really think we sit around making a point of rejecting good ideas "just because."

As it turns out, we do read your feedback and we spend time considering whether or not it makes sense given our constraints. You know that. Everyone on these forums and every player who has engaged with our games knows that. Sure we make mistakes. But ignoring our players? Lacking in channels for feedback? Not considering the feedback we collect?

Come on.

Finally... YES, the game needed a bigger player base. And like I said a couple of posts back: This was OUT OF OUR CONTROL. You think you're frustrated by this? Well, imagine how frustrated we've been as we've consumed ALL of the money flowing to us from The Gate to improve and maintain the title... meanwhile our publisher refuses to commit the same monthly revenue to sustained User Acquisition. Seriously. They profit. We invest. The gate slowly dies. You think we enjoyed that process?

But, hey, if you don't know about the realities of our situation... and you won't read the information that we share with you, how can I expect you to sympathize with what's happened here? You and other critics display a beautiful consistency when it comes to frustrations based on false assumptions.

PS: We don't employ bean counters. It's China. They count rice.

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Good post Tokay, and justified. Kudos for that too.

I sincerely hope that at least one of your four new titles is going to be artistically and thematically similar to The Gate. I just can't stand all the candy colors, big eyed puppies and rainbows that litter the "Most Popular Games" lists in the Android/iOS charts!

And I hope one of the things you'll do better next time (from lessons learned) will be the contracts and Customer Acquisition management!

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I will echo my fellow players with a Thank You to SH.  The Gate was a great game and I wish you luck in the future.  That said, I will continue playing as I was just starting to get the deck I wanted and really enjoy the game.  Thanks again.

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Here is what u think is funny I made a post awhile back like 2 months or so agobout sayin pls don't let the gate slowly die and tokay responded sayin not to say things like that and ladada so on so on ... Then locked my thread ..... An now he said out his own mouth that the gate slowly died when a whole bunch if us were sayin that and they were responding with no we r not but the entire time it was cause tokay just said it .... That pisses me off I was lied to like that .... But now I'm sure he will respond to this with long useless words that does nothing because it's already decided the gate is through

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Arena god replied at 2015-8-13 15:14
Here is what u think is funny I made a post awhile back like 2 months or so agobout sayin pls don't  ...

I hope he won't respond to you at all, because your post doesn't deserve any kind of response.

If you can't see the difference between a player being negative and rumourmongering about the demise of a game - essentially encouraging people to jumps ship or have doubts - and a business decision to actually end  updates to a title, then you should stick to reading what other commentators are saying.

It seems quite obvious to me that Spicy have not 'let' anything happen. They took the hand they were dealt and did their best with it, for as long as they could. And when that gamble failed, they gave all of us a tonne more notice than most other games would, and have extended us the courtesy of continued bug support and a server to play on.

If you must, criticise those decisions all you like within the rules of the forum. But don't feel lied to, because you weren't. But do bear in mind it likely hasn't been a fast or easy decision for them, so your criticism will change nothing.

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U can b all happy go lucky all u want bel ... The fact of the matter is I was told exact words I might add along with several others who were sayin the gate is dieing or y'all can't let it die .... Once again exact words I read along with several others ... "We r not letting the gate die" and just above he said it has been dieing so yes lied to in hopes ppl would keep spending money on a game that was soon gonna be lost because it was goin down hill to fast they knew it would happen if It kept goin this way they just didn't no when it would happen and as they wanted players like me kept spending money on something they knew was goin to get the axe  if it kept goin down hill.... So yes bel I am negative yes I am pissed yes I am upset just like many many others who spent a lot of money "recently" not mention how much countless hours and time we spent ..as in last couple of months because we fill robbed and betrayed u can talk to me like I'm a awefull person for sayin these things but atleast I have the balls to say how I and many others feel about it all of us that built a great team with all of our time will lose it completely forever even I we choose to keep playin the game eventually the players will lose interest and dwindle until SH saise their isn't enough players left and shut it down for good ... So if talkin down to someone who is upset because of how this is goin after all the time and money we spent let's u feel like u r rideing a high horse then go ahead be my guest I'll gladly be the one that let's u feel that way ... And as the person said a few posts back ... Y would ppl want to play an drop money and time in another game of theirs when their a good chance the same thing will happen to it SH may not like hearing that or want ppl saying that cause it will worn off other players but the truth is the truth whether it hurts or not and everyone knows it

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Without question one of the classiest moves I've seen from a company was this announcement. Major applaud to SH on that one, sadly I found this game late due to being involved in another TCG for over a year.

Spent a lot but top players in that game were around 25k US dollars into having the best decks. When that player base dwindled, there wasn't a single word from the developers, no emails were returned, just one day that was it, server was on but all events, special summons just stopped with out a word. The CCG I played before that was the same way, no notice just an in game post one day they were done.

The fact that SH came with a 3 month warning as well as 3 more months of new content speaks volumes to how they feel about their player base and they have a fan for life, although they've had me since Alice and madness returns was one of the standout games for me on the PS3. The life of most mobile games is relatively short and even more so in a niche like CCG/tcg which can have large time commitments. I'm sure SH held on as long as possible but all good things do come to an end...and with that this game is hardly over IMO, no new cards may not be great but at this point I'm sure most people have full sets they are working on more so than summoning/eventing for new cards.

I will say it was also not great for them to be under the mobage name in the App Store, it's very difficult to find this game without actually typing in..the gate...spicy pony titles come up and chains is there but not TG and I only found this game through the forums after seeing chains was made by SH.

I'm very excited personally to see what comes down the pipeline from them and I hope it will all be published under the spicy horse/pony company. GL SH I'm be in the gate, chains and any similar titles you may release in the future.

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Arena god replied at 2015-8-13 19:43
U can b all happy go lucky all u want bel ... The fact of the matter is I was told exact words I mig ...

Have you bothered to check the other 'dead' titles in the SH roster? they have a great track record for keeping servers running.

I understand you've spent money and time, but how long did you expect those things to last at the time? I mean, even with an active game, powercreep is a thing, so your team would outdate. Now at least you will have confidence in what equip/disciples are the best, and have opportunities to collect them from daily play.

I'm not on any kind of high horse. I just think it's wrong to call things lies and paint events to be malicious, when actually SH has done everything they could, and been very transparent about it. Even this announcement and the steps they have committed to are a great deal more than you could expect from other companies.

By all means, disagree with it, be annoyed, be sad, be hurt. But don't think it was deliberate or calculated, or that SH are getting some kind of kick out of it.  As someone that gets to see glimpses behind the scenes, and see what 'regular' players see as well, please trust me on that.

Perhaps a new thread will help you find closure, or convince you of various ways that remain, for you to enjoy the game

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