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Author: tokay

Critical Announcement - Last Days of Eternity [Copy link]

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Edited by Webby at 2015-8-14 08:45

Sorry everyone is angry and sad about this, can understand why and believe rather than arguing the point or the various points  with these players its better to let them mourn/vent/even shout out within reason abuse. It's their game as much as ours, Spicy's etc.

1) Not going to congratulate anyone for what I think is a sound business decision in informing player-base early....though eloquently put as always.

2) Will say, I actually think hands off, and leaving us to get on with it, developing our ideas/building teams/acquiring and probably even spending (in some cases) given the right situation/environment I'm actually looking forward to.
Events for me were not important anymore, I think for many of us that is actually the case if we look at it hard enough.
Perm material island, all the existing cards going into shops, equips at a good rate from shops, etc etc...  no annoying updates that mess things up every maintenance????
Come on whats not to like?

3) Lots of players leaving...... well lots will stay and that just makes remaining events cheaper and Arena/WB even more so after the events finish........

4) Forum and communication/alliance groups remain....so the community you chose or choose to join will be there....without any of "those" comments from certain individuals that create so much...errr Zeel.

5)I hope some/most or even all the suggestions I made to help self sustaining gate are taken on board and carried through....as they will help the above for sure. I understand the payment structure is in Dena hands so a suggestion to them is all that can be done but stuff Spicy has power over....well anyway.

6) Had a good time here will continue to do so for as long as I continue to have a good time...simple as.

7) What got us here.....how Spicy got here....who listened who did not....what went on behind the scenes.....was some of this deliberate was it not......do you believe everything you hear or do you not..etc etc.... meh....Not important, water under the bridge. sabai sabai (as they say where I am)

Laters folks

Have a good one.

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Webby replied at 2015-8-14 09:29
Sorry everyone is angry and sad about this, can understand why and believe rather than arguing the p ...

I agree with your points to some level,disagree to another.I really wanted to enjoy the game for as long as its running,but they said its going to run for indetermined time or as long as there are some people playing it,this for me,sounds like the game can end anytime after events are over,being therefore a reason for me to want to give up,but id rather see how things will turn up after then.

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if you want to close facebook the gate, please inform me
or shift my account to your TG account with same setting . it is fine for me to continue playing.

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alfred7 replied at 2015-8-13 22:16

if you want to close facebook the gate, please inform me

I would certainly hope the Facebook "portal" is not closed... My account is linked through FB as well...

I really would like some information about player accounts linked to portals other than SpicyWorld... Will The Gate be removed from 3rd party portals such as Facebook and Kongregate eventually?

Would it be possible to have my TG account linked to SpicyWorld instead of Facebook?

I understand you are not allowed to provide cross platform access...which I would much prefer...but I doubt it would be difficult to edit an account for this purpose...

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tokay replied at 2015-8-13 01:55
To be clear - The Gate was a "hit" by most measures. What didn't work was our publishing deal.

70% ...

Thank you.

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tokay replied at 2015-8-13 02:02
On a lighter note, in response to all the positive feedback we've seen from the majority of you: Tha ...

Thank you twice.

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tokay replied at 2015-8-13 04:15
Ours is not the first game in history to stop being supported after some time. It's not the  ...

I can vouch for their trying to listen and do what they can. Very limited resources by the time I got involved, but they tried.

To give you an example of how one-sided their deal was with Mobage/DeNA, look at the Google Play store. Hmm. Hellfire is not 20x as good a game, but it had 20x more installs. Another interesting number, just from there, is the percentage of installs that actually bothered to rate. Only 4x the number on Hellfire. This supports some of the things I'd heard about how well people liked the game who got into it. It also seems to indicate the huge amount of support their publisher and competitor gave it.

Just sayin'.

Also, I'll be damned if I know why it was so blasted hard to find. No similar games ever showed it, etc., while some that seem identical were all over.


Hope you can retain control of as much of your games as you can. Finding out that Allen had indeed designed the TG and was working on your new games does give me hope. I've never found another mobile game that satisfies my desire for many complex, create solutions to "winning" as was contained in here. Go Allen! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Arena god replied at 2015-8-13 08:14
Here is what u think is funny I made a post awhile back like 2 months or so agobout sayin pls don't  ...

Their decision was to support it as long as they could. They did. Wish they could have gotten the rights to it back from DeNA. Wish they could have afforded to treat the game well if they had, which would have been problematic, I assume, with backers.

Another thumbs up to Tokay's commitment to customer support. How many game companies in this situation do you think would even bother to notice a ticket?

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Belzial replied at 2015-8-13 12:14
I hope he won't respond to you at all, because your post doesn't deserve any kind of response.

If ...

Yes. I think they kept hoping they could hang on as much a we did. And remember, even here, you're playing in their house.

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S3V3N replied at 2015-8-13 12:51
Without question one of the classiest moves I've seen from a company was this announcement. Major ap ...

*standing ovation*

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