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Author: FlightTribe

Important and sad news :(  Close [Copy link]

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Less players means its easier to get a high rank in pvp for free at least.  WB is still killable where its at if we actually thought everybody was going to participate then more would try.  We know what is neccesary to augment so collecting all those and jumping from +2 to +8 all at once might be something an optimist might work towards.  Sure some of my cards might max out at 40k dps instead of 80k for now but it is still workable

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it is only a matter of time before everything is gone.. can't believe this is happening..

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Edited by kylegass45 at 2015-11-5 15:24

so your "data guy" is the ONLY one who could keep your game updates and patches done?..given that hes gone, any plans of getting a replacement to do his unaccomplished business?..this is just so unfair for us who've kept spending money till now and you guys leave things like this..

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Well, I've gone though and deleted the posts where people were calling us liars and scammers and such, I've also locked the thread after this post, but I have started going through the xls to see what I can see, and we've emailed Mr Data man and lets see if he gets back to us.

But so far, I've found The World Boss mentioned in about 4 different xls with HP ammounts ranging from 100,000,000,000 to 1+E 11

If we make a breakthrough or there are any more developments I'll create a new thread.
And yes, I've sent an email out to the team to see about getting Event Island reopened and I'm 'hoping' this is easier to do than the other data changing based requests.


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