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Game update [Copy link]

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Recent game changes have some what stripped the fun away from this game. This game has become worse than your old school JRPG. I dont mind the grinding, if I see improvement. But damn, if I want to see improvement I have to invest with real money. The reason I say this, is bc you are limited to the amount of times one can reset dungeons/raids and such with the your VIP level. Its becoming more p2w.

Yes I understand that some drastic changes needed to be made. Unfortunately, it kind of took the fun away. But to be honest I really dont know a solution to this problem. Furthermore, what worries me, is the launch of your new game. It gives me the feeling that this game will take the back seat for the time being. What I mean by this, is that I feel that no meaningful new content updates will appear. Only updates that focus on game longevity.

I am not your standard gamer, in which I dont play mulitple games. I only play 2 games. This one of course and league of legends. lol, unfortunately I am not to happy with either game at the moment.But a least I know that LoL updates change frequently.

Admins would you mind telling us where this game is head more or less. WHat are we to expect. What are we supposed to look foward to. Give us something to ease our worries. I dont want to unstall this game bc I got bored with it. I know eventually one does get bored with everygame.  

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Post time 2015-11-30 15:44:33 |Show all posts
Hmmmmmm hard to answer.

Well, the producer is out of office today, but I'll ask him if there's any info he can release about what's up next when I see him tomrrow, but sure, we're a long way away from being finished with Chains of Darkness yet.

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Post time 2015-12-3 20:44:52 |Show all posts
Did you get any chance to tackle your producer and get some answers?

There are some outstanding issues and fixes too, which people are waiting for. Demon fixes (belial, octopain, ose ...), a super xp card or an option to select more than 6 xp cards to level a demon, the handicapped chat, furnace rework/improvement, guild shop, missing alchemies?

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Post time 2015-12-4 16:47:18 |Show all posts
So the next patch is more like a mid-level tweaking and tidying up patch.
No MAJOR stuff coming, but a few nice things depending on who you are and how you play.

- New event system
- Add new Type of Devil Cache
- Add dreamer's bounty for new players
- Guild Commitment Improvement
- Add x2 x4 mode for auto battle
- New benefits for VIP players
- Player can now revive demons in Lost Island

As for the issues you mention.
  * Super EXP cards = I have asked the team about this but there's no real answer.  I suspect this is a maybe for the future but not high priority
  * Chat issues. = I heard that some people don't like the chat but I don't know any specifics.  Maybe someone could break that down for me and I'll put it on our to-do list
  * Demon Fixes = Belial and Ose I know about and will be fixed.  I just did a search in Zendesk for Octopain and see no bugs reported.  What's going on with her?
  * Alchemies = Being looked into
  * Furnace issues = is this the thing where you guys don't think it's making nice enough equipment?


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Post time 2015-12-4 19:37:24 |Show all posts
Edited by Purplex at 2015-12-7 02:14

Chat issues:

- Very short with its 30 characters. Please try talking using it with anyone for few minutes. You will understand all the issues very quickly.
- Forces you to click the chat area after every "send"/does not remain in the chat line.
You type few words, click enter, then click with the mouse into chat input frame, type few words, enter, mouse click to frame...

Adding even 10 characters would help a tonn. And you have plenty of space to make the chat wider or alterate the font type.

Here is the chat capacity with an example http://prntscr.com/9a6spm
Person A has 8 characters long name, person B has 5 characters long name. You can see the chat already uses two lines if you use up all 30 characters for your message. Why not use that second line fully or at least more than now? (This alone would add the needed characters to increase capacity from 30 to 40-50 with what seems to me very little effort).

On a side note, there already is a Spicyhorse comment on kongregate replying to that issue with:
"They said they would do it, however both web and mobile need to match, so it has to happen to both at the same time, and patching mobile takes longer, so web is still going to have to wait "

Demon fixes:
Whats wrong with octopain:
- http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com/social/thread-8466-1-1.html
- http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com/social/thread-8455-1-1.html

I just heard that tomb nymph skill doesnt work btw. Apparently it doesnt improve damage, the display of "improved damage" remains endlessly after use, yet no effect.
Also, terasaur skill doesnt work either. No display of improved damage there. No changes for next two rounds on damage. Far worse - the skill-hit itself deals only 20% damage. Technically atm you are better off not using terasaur skill than using it.

Thats just on a sidenote, i hear stuff like that on regular basis, things dont work or do something different or do not do what you would expect them to do. And ther are no proper explanations.
For example stepper/downer passives are plainly considered not working .. what is DMG, what is ATK .. what is magical damage .. what is damage .. all those different descriptions in skills, but how do they all relate in actual visible damage? Nobody has a clue. A guy made a 200 hits test to figure out whether damage rotary works (20% chance for 150% damage). Result - no it doesnt. Maybe it does but nobody can see it. We´d really appreciate some mechanics explanations, but I suspect that calls for a whole new topic "Devs please explain the passives".

Many demons have none: Flame maw, octopain, lubu, furcas, belial, purson, nemesis, terasaur .....

Lets put it that way - if you were to look at the data about how much % of stuff is getting built and you would see 0.05% of total items coming from furnace; would you consider the furnace to be a useful game addition? In short - nobody uses it, nobody considers it useful. Because it takes too long to get a furnace to the proper levels of usefulness, way to difficult on resources to level it, way too expensive to build relevant items. (Please consider options to craft shards at very high energy cost but lower furnace levels).

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Post time 2015-12-7 15:57:41 |Show all posts
Hi there


The chat is indeed increased already and you just need to wait for the next mobile patch for it to take effect.

Octopain and Terasaur issues sent to QA for investigation.

Steppers are certainly working. I tested it myself.  The problem being that normal attacks can vary so wildly (even a big normal attack can be more than double the value of a small normal attack) so determining the steps and the 150% damages and such in this wild sea of fluctuation is going to be hard.  But as mentioned, I spent time checking this myself and I'm fairly convinced it's working.

Alchemies.  These guys will eventually get some to partake in,

Furnace.  I asked the producer to look at the data and well... that's about all I can say really.  It's up to him to decide if he wants to change anything about that.   


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