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Need some advise please [Copy link]

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based on my the gate knowledge, I need to ask some questions.
(My current deck: lamia, berserker, kang, qsucc, mariana; bench: lazy jez)

1) Doesn't seem to be an OP card like FA was in TG, which I needed to level asap ignoring the others.
Currently I'm levelling evenly all my deck, that's fine or should I focus just on one? (Which?)

2) Gold. Save gold, first rule as usual. There is anything worth the gold?
Also I used a couple more exchange than the single one expected by the mission. Is that fine or should I wait for some soul coin dungeon? Is there a better way for soul coin than exchange or specific dungeon? Soul coin from anywhere else seems negligible.

3) Shop. Different shops with different currencies. Should I save for shard only or it is wise to invest in some critical resources?
Is there a list of shard shop-only? Massively buy shards from shops or just grind the shard's levels?

4) Lost island. Cannot go through lvl 9 or so, is that normal or I have to fully complete daily? I cannot see a way to overturn the outcome, like in TG strategies (skill choice, killing order, ...). Enemy power seems to rise much more than mine. I began yesterday.

5) Hope. I willing to go through all the levels once to unlock them, of course I reached a wall. Then it's time to grind resources. Should I spend hope to unlock hard-nightmare regardless the drops? Or aim to necessary resources by grinding again a beaten level then grind in specific dungeon? Or dungeon is better (resources-wise) than repeat a beaten level?

6) Guild. What does "send all" in members tag exactly do?
My mercenaries are just only my guild members?

7) I have to worry about my character exp? There are any way to mess up with early uninformed choices?

Thanks for reading all of this.

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Post time 2015-11-30 06:58:29 |Show all posts
Hi Nech. I will do my best to answer your questions, but I certainly don't know this game inside and out:

1.) level up Berseker and Kang only to about 30, but keep working on Lamia and Succubus. You will want to dump Berseker and Kang as soon as you  can get Nero and Amomongo. Some guys told me to keep working on Mariana, so I have, but I don't use her much anymore except for Raid battles against the dog because he resists all physical attacks and you can only damage him with magic attacks (the reverse is true for Ozgin aka Batibat).
2.) use exchange for your Daily Mission task and then again whenever you need more Soul Coins and you will need a ton of soul coins as you level up all your Mares' equipment. I don't ever use gold to buy the items in the gold shop.
3.) make a point to grind for the shards you need in the Nightmare levels every day. Focus on Night Lord, Amomongo, Nero, Riled AoAo, Wailing Crispus, Zablah, King Zagan and King Akarius. I just got FA, but haven't had a chance to level her yet so I can't tell you if she's any good or not. I haven't been playing long enough to know if there are some shards that will only appear in the shops.
4.) as soon as you join a guild you can hire a mercenary from your guild for a small amount of coins. Once you hire a mercenary you get to use him for every battle you do on Lost Island until you reach the end or he dies. If you pick a super high level tank as your mercenary Lost Island gets much easier, but there isn't a ton of strategy to it other than don't do it on auto because auto delays skill attacks for some reason.
5.) My advice is to play all the story levels you can so you can unlock the nightmare levels where the mare shards are. Use the Dungeon levels to hunt for specific items. You should be doing EXP and Virago dungeons every day because you will always run out of those two.
6.) Send all means you are sending free Hope to all your guildmates and they do the same so you end up getting about 30 free hope a day.
7.) I'm not sure I understand what you are asking here.

Hope that helps a little!

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Post time 2015-11-30 15:25:03 |Show all posts
Edited by Nech at 2015-11-30 15:42

Hello, thanks for infos.

7) Retyping. In TG wrong choices (many lvl25 evo3, DB on random cards, NM zagam, ...) makes islamare impossible. There is something I should worry about here?

8) Arena. I cannot find easy opponents, even after reset. Am I just unlucky and I need to keep refreshing opponents? It seems that I cannot find anyone below my rank.
The rules seems outdated. They mention a 2h time period to keep the chain, but I cannot find the countdown. It seems that devs copy-paste TG rules, but actually here are different and there isn't that time period at all.
Earning rate. What does affect it? I just won a battle but didn't changed, first time I check though.
Accumulation. It is just a deposit or I should let it accumulate high as possible?
PVP history. Someone just beat me and I see a red arrow with a number. What does it stands for?


EDIT: ok earning rate is related to the current rank. The arrows in history stand for increase/decrease rank. May take a while to update. Is it right?

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Post time 2015-11-30 21:57:27 |Show all posts
7.) The only "mistake" you can make is maybe picking a weak or redundant mare and spending all of your resources leveling it. So far I haven't found anything to be worried about like in TG.
8.) I have climbed as far as I can go in Arena with my current deck. I have found that after I level up I can win a battle to gain a higher rank, but there is not much progress made any more. Even when you lose an Arena battle it counts towards your Daily Missions. I have let the Honor Coins accumulate to 30,000 before I collected them, but I don't know if you can let it go on forever. Hopefully there will be plenty of things in the shop to spend your money on so you won't have to let it accumulate.

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