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Profitability [Copy link]

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Make a game that can import the info from the gate into a new environment.  Like what pokemon stadium did.  Sorry to make the reference.  Even way back then, I could keep my guys and play through another quest.
  Continue the story line and let the gates of hell break open.
  Make a new game with heaven fighting to keep the minions of hell at bay.
  Like a light vs dark thing, where the light side can play through their game and play against the dark side in a separate guild battle game.

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Roll over roll over, respend, respend...throw mud against the wall see if it sticks.....continue development on new games.... take player ideas for development and implement on new games (not the games they are designed for....coz that makes sense!)

Quick profit, constant cycle..... and TERRIBLY OBVIOUS...which from the looks of COD/HON and the current game in design... is catching up with this style of business management.

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I don't know who's making all the decisions for SH cause they are incompetent. Instead of releasing HoN why didn't they upgrade CoD (shitty game play and the exact same crap as HoN). Now they have a new game in the making? Why waste resources on games that do not bring profit to the company. HoN gameplay is HORRIBLE, they have disciples setup by rows (front, middle and back)... Who comes up with ideas like these... SH COD and HoN game design is a joke. Some advice; you make a game for players to play and their feedback is vital in making a better product... But they think by making or designing a game that where it ends and screw everyone else. Time for SH to start listening if they going to make it in 2016. The deal they made for profit sharing of 70% - 30% with DeNA, who does that? They need to FIRE whoever accepted that contract, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES - that's straight STUPID

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The popular android game profit model is:

Crappy game that looks good at the start
Many people pay a little money $1-$5
By the time everyone knows the game is crap and has no long term play-ability..another similar game is released

Unlike The Gate which relied on less people to pay more money..but required a good game with long term play-ability..

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