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Silly things that could improve the game [Copy link]

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After playing all day to Akaneiro the conclusion is easy I loved it, but its not perfect, so I create this thread to comment those little things that annoys you (please dont ask again about the multiplayer xD)

Ill start:
-A hotkey to open and close the chatbox, its really annoying trying to read conversation while the enemies keep hitting you xD
-At least to me, the records panel dont work.
-Friend list and a place to check theyre chars, not necesarily to play with them but to chat or send messagges, check their progress, etc...
-Keep separated the account name that the character name, or it would be a mess to find people with more than one character
-The pathtracking of the enemies is HORRIBLE, they get lost everytime and passed away of me repeatedly
-Better boss fights, everyone its the same patern, hit hit hit, strong hit, hit hit, AoE, ...
-Camera control, with just a zoom in/out would be great, but to could move wont be bad, sometimes trees, statues or other stuff make impossible to see enemies, object or even the character.
-Make trackable the character-enemies-object with a shadow or something to avoid the previous problem.
-A hotkey to make screenshots

And for the moment thats what I remember maybe later I put more
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Post time 2013-2-2 10:39:08 |Show all posts
-the record panels are not supposed to work
-friends list? this is not farmville (farmville 2 for that matter lol - i also track games i dont play)
-account name? character name? dafuq u talking bout
-camera that would be quite hard to implement, and the devs are focusing on other stuff. also, this is a dungeon crawler so there isnt supposed to be any camera angle adjustments
-tracking, do that yourself, you can click an enemy even if you cant see them

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Post time 2013-2-2 11:05:27 |Show all posts
Edited by Duke at 2013-2-2 11:09

I think friendslist is something that is worked on. (Coop is planned, remember?)

That name thingy is something like:

Player Cora has 2 Characters:


and what he wants is something like:

[Cora]Lala instead of simply "Lala" to identify the player.


Camera is something that is also worked on I heard.

Hotkey to make screenshots? You got one on your keyboard, why you need another one :0?

Anyway, you should send in your suggestions on Zendesk.

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Post time 2013-2-2 12:25:17 |Show all posts
I don't know, I dont want anymore keys since there is enough of those. And since i don't use a mouse and a keypad, it gets a little tricky. Although its the release, it's still just a baby....improvements will come later. Good suggestions and I am sure they've been thinking about those, just taking it slowly. Enjoy the game tho!

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Post time 2013-2-2 20:04:52 |Show all posts
Edited by Jean La Montarde at 2013-2-2 16:51

Hey guys relax

-As far as i know the game doesnt have a button that make a screenshot as in other games as D3 or MMOs that you press and make the png/jpg file, here you have to use paint or stuff like that to paste the shot or use programs as fraps
-The friendlist I suggest is meanwhile the coop appeared, and its only for keep tracking whos online, chat, etc
-The camera with just a zoom in/zoom out would be nice as i suggest
-Duke has explained perfectly the suggestion
-The tracking, well its a bit odd when you run close to an enemy an its ignore you until it get its "start" position-Its a bit hard to click on an enemy you didnt see, dont you think xDD?

Please this could be a place where everyone talk nice and discuss suggestion

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Post time 2013-2-2 23:22:41 |Show all posts
Edited by talic at 2013-2-2 23:23

If i press the "PrtScr key" in windows7 and paste it in paint, it will only take a screenshot of the desktop not the game. :(

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Post time 2013-2-3 01:37:12 |Show all posts
Is it just me that have a delay between when you attack to when the enemey is damaged by the attack?

On the hammer it spins past the mobs then hits them up 1-2 seconds later.

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Post time 2013-2-3 02:07:23 |Show all posts
Edited by Duke at 2013-2-3 02:20

can you post an example?

It appears you got a high latency to the servers. Might be a reason of your location or your bandwidth (or there aren't enough servers, yet)

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Post time 2013-2-3 02:17:36 |Show all posts
On the delay attack/damage , at least from here (Spain) it happen sometimes, even on the same play. It comes and go. Sometimes i hit an enemy and it starts fleeing and die running nowhere xDD

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