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Guest Logout - Username [Copy link]

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So far let me start by saying I haven't gotten very far in this game as I just started playing it yesterday, however so far I've absolutely loved it.  With that said I made a mistake when relaunching the application which I had previously signed in as a Guest on since I was waiting to see how I enjoyed the game before registering.  When I relaunched the application to paly it I accidentally hit "Logout" instead of "Continue" and now can no longer make an account with the same username.  I'm curious how you're suppose to log back into a guest account which was not registered.  If there isn't a way then shouldn't the "Logout" button really be a "Delete" button since you can no longer use that acocunt anyway?  It just seems that it would be better to delete an account rather than leaving them in limbo where they can no longer be used, take up a slot as someone's friend in-game, and just take up database space.  Due to all of these reasons I assume there has to be a way to log back into it.

Thank you for the assistance and I apologize for posting this in the "General Discussion" category, however I didn't see a "Support' one.

(Also if anyone could explain Abarbarea to me that would be incredibly helpful.  Additionally I'm curious if healer types matter - ie. they heal their same element more etc - or if it's purely used for leveling/augmenting purposes.)

Edit - I just realized that The Gate is also on Steam.  I thought that the PC version of The Gate was going to be named Hell Invaders but I guess y'all decided to stick with The Gate?  Due to that I make an account on Steam but didn't realize it wasn't cross platform so I could have used my original username on The Game on Steam.  Due to this I'm curious how I can logout or delete my account on The Gate - Steam so that I can remake.

Thank you again.

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You would need to submit a ticket for account issues, really a day isn't that much time to make up.  Steam runs on a different server than pc facebook and android.  Not sure about kongregate.  The exp cards do not give bonuses to same elements like other cards do even though it says it does.  Healers do the same amount healing to any element with the exception of unholy nova which gets buffed by the corresponding elemental buff.  A wind element healer in a party with 4 different named wind buffs receives that bonus for example.

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Also use the redeem code thanx-4-playing
I think the shards are all for equips that you can't get anymore,  the gold equip it gives you is the only one you are going to get so use it wisely.  
There is not much activity on forum anymore unfortunately.  But there is a lot of information and most questions have already been answered.

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That redeem code doesnt work anymore.

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