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Good bye y'all, I've had enough of this [Copy link]

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What can I say... It's actually quite amazing how short-sightedly you guys (SH) develop your games, nowadays. The utter lack of attention to HoN is amazing, by many standards. Truly.
It's been around 3 months or so since you were reported of the PvP bug that resulted in loss despite killing all the opposition before time ran out. And it's still there. And it was the tipping point for me today, the game has very little to offer after you've developed all the S mares to five-star and there are no events or any other new content whatsoever. So when the PvP is still fucked up, I'm driven to uninstall the apps and move on. Sorry, since the potential was there!

I'll drop The Gate as well, as it's even more pointless to keep on grinding there when u got a winning team achieved and nothing to pursue. Oh man, that was truly a kickass game!! :/

Thanks for the fun and I hope you guys either shape up or ship out. Atm it looks as you're bound to do the latter.

And thanks for the community, you guys are swell! I hope I see in other gaming platforms. I can suggest a rather new card-collection game called "Dungeon Monsters" which has potential AND is being developed at an amazing pace. Good luck to you all and keep it real!

Diudiuz (aka Ynard in most games) over and out!
Let the last days of The Gate be the best days!

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