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A few questions~ [Copy link]

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Hi there~

I´m a newbie in TheGate (about 18 Days and Lv. 29 atm~) and I really like it. But I have something to ask. Note: English is not my strength... so sorry for some mistakes.

1. I try to make a Wind based Team for Isla Mare. At the moment i have Full Argestes (Cyclone, Squall, Fear); Ordog Blizzard Maw (Breeze, Dervish, Impenetrability); Cimeies Cyclone (Gale, Ward, Slay) and a open slot for another Windcard~ atm i use Princess Octopain (Trap, Assault, Meteor Shower) in this slot. My Question: What can I change? And what is a good 4th Card?

2. Whats the difference between SuperRare and UltraRare? I mean like, how do i know if my card's a SuperRare or UltraRare anyway?

3. Is there any good way to farm a specific 4-Star card? The %-Chance for some cards in Quest-Mode seem pretty low.

4. I have some other 4-Star cards~ Are any of these good?
Queen Succubi, Duke Cresil, Raum the Caustic, Ose Infinte Squall, Prince Orocas, King Purson, King Rimmon,
Xuong Cuong & King Baphomet.

OK... thats all~ I hope someone can help me ^_^

Yours sincerely, Yori~

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You should consider Befafes , and I advice u not to equip any gold items on your SR(super rare), just keep your gold equipment for UR(ultra rare) cards . There is also King Oenomaus which is a good UR as well and another one with a lot of Hp basically a tank , Electriciitree .

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Hi Yori. Here's my advice:
1.) For  now on your Wind team use Full Argestes (Fear, Invincibility, Squall), Cimeies Cyclone (Gale, Energy Flux, Slay), Ose Infinite Squall (Gust, Dervish, Conflagration) and King Baphomet (Fear, Shared Agony, Morph). Of all those cards only Full Argestes and King Baphomet are Ultra Rares so you will want to replace Cimeies Cyclone and Ose Infinite Squall as soon as you can collect better Ultra Rare Wind cards like Befafes, King Oenamaus, Cerberus Lord, Wailing Crispus and a few others. If you eventually go for a Wind team with all 4 wind buffs you will want to replace King Baphomet as well.
2.) Super Rares are slightly weaker than Ultra Rares. You should never Nightmare evolve any Super Rares, it's just not worth it. You can find a complete list of All the cards here: http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com/wiki/doku.php?id=creature_cards
3.) I wouldn't spend any time farming Super Rare cards. Keep playing Arena and Lost island every day and save up your money to buy the good Ultra Rare cards in those shops. Make a list of 5 cards you want to collect and keep looking in the stores for them after every reset. Eventually the cards you are looking for will appear.
4.) Of those cards you listed Xuong Cong and King Baphomet are the only Ultra Rares. I doon't have much use for Xuong Cong, but some players use him. It might be worth it to work on King Rimmon as well because plenty of people use Healers for Guild battles.

For right now pour all of your time and energy into upgrading Full Argestes. Max out Fear, Invincibility and Squall. Your tactic on Lost Island should be to drag her to the center of the screen so she takes all the first hits while Invincibility is protecting her and then her Fear will go off and freeze all the enemies. The rest of your cards can then attack the enemy while they are frozen.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Good luck and have fun!

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