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Author: Garland

So... the Kickstarter was a Success! [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-2-3 04:46:17 |Show all posts
Or the souls of those who backed out.

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Post time 2013-2-3 05:36:29 |Show all posts
Just curious... does anyone of you own an Ouya?

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Post time 2013-2-3 05:52:32 |Show all posts
Duke replied at 2013-2-3 05:36
Just curious... does anyone of you own an Ouya?

I've only met 1 person in the chat who does.

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Post time 2013-2-3 06:03:33 |Show all posts
Didn't even know they were released yet.

Oh and ... I'm happy we met the goal. ^-^ *yay*

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Post time 2013-2-3 10:37:43 |Show all posts
Edited by Jean La Montarde at 2013-2-3 03:40

For what I know the only Ouyas phisically available are the developers one , really expensive, for the normal ones arent yet
Frankly the ouya support I think its something not really crucial because it isnt even shipped the first ones xD First the game need content, multiplayer, narrative, etc... the other things from the kickstarter, even the linux support I think its more important than the Ouya...

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I am the corruptor of hearts.

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Post time 2013-2-3 10:55:18 |Show all posts
Yeah, the dev Ouyas are $600-1337.

They do look neat though.

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Eliminate Any Survivors

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Post time 2013-2-3 18:18:01 |Show all posts
Congrats SH

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Post time 2013-2-4 15:41:28 |Show all posts
Edited by deadkraken at 2013-2-4 03:43

Also if you wanted one of the higher tiered exclusive pets now is the time to get them for example the singularity neko and penguin they'll have the paypal up for two more weeks.

(I could only pledge up the 60 on said date so glad I can still snatch the neko through paypal).
As far as I know only the OUYA development kits are out right now.. April the first batch of ouya consoles will be shipped there are still a few console up for per order on their site as well.

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