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2017 Fan Patches Released! Details Here! [Copy link]

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Edited by zDuelcool at 2017-11-15 02:11

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have noticed we were able to resurrect the game and push a series of "fan" patches to the game.

Below is a comprehensive change log covering all the stuff that was added, removed and updated. Enjoy!

Part 1:

New Demons

- 2 new demons were added to the game:

Lord Akhlut
Svarog the Great

Guild Battles

- Soothing Scirocco faceshards now have a chance to drop from Full Argestes guild boss battle.
- Increased odds of getting scirocco and other demon shards from guild boss battles.
- Augment materials and faceshards drops increased by x2-x4.
- Reduced costs of leveling up guilds by x10*

World Boss

- World Boss health reduced to 125B
- SCs dropped by WB increased by x10
- World Boss DB rewards have been increased.
- World Boss interval time between spawns has been reduced

Event Island

- New event - fight stages in event island for a chance to summon new raid bosses - these have a chance to drop both their cards and shards.
- Extended event island cycle by 2 more years and set it on auto-repeat so it will run "forever" in cycles of 4 years.
- Augment material drops increases by x2
- Stages in Event Island now give experience.
- Player level requirement to spawn event island raid bosses have been decreased to level 30.

Raid Bosses

- New raid bosses were added to Event Island, Normal Mode and Hell Forge Mode, including the 2 never released before demons, Akhlut & Svarog. This also includes demons whose cards and / or shards were previously not available anymore (or at all) in game, such as Soothing Scirocco, Golru, Raging Lupus etc.
- Event Island raid bosses’ have a 50% chance to drop one shard or card (varies by stages) and have a chance to drop their respective guild augment materials (Scion will drop permafrost, Tefnut - deluge, etc)
- Lili Scorch Healer raid boss was added to last four stages of event island. She has a 50% chance to drop a soothing scirocco shard.
- Grand Bois raid boss added to Irkalla stage, he has a chance to drop a Sal Cardea shard.
- Old fire raid bosses were removed from augment island.
- Some common raid bosses were removed from normal and HF mode in order to increases chances of spawning the more sought-after bosses and their shards such as Zhong, Stormy, Glortor, Kang, etc.
- SCs drops from raid bosses increased by x2 (x4 on double days)

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Post time 2017-10-24 05:15:31 |Show all posts
Edited by zDuelcool at 2017-11-15 02:12

Part 2:

Super Bosses

Super bosses (personal bosses) now have a chance to spawn for players levels 50+. These bosses will drop two event equip shards upon slaying. They are personal for the player who spawned them only, and will last for 30 minutes.
Mechanics are same as normal bosses - every 6th battle a player has a chance to spawn one instead of normal raid bosses.


- Reduced gold cost to refresh shops.
- IM shop demon cards price reduced to 1800 virago.
- IM shop demon shards price reduced to 900 virago.
- IM equip shards price reduced to 1800 virago.
- Large DB quantities for sale in Arena and IM shops have been increased


- Every player who recharges any amount of gold ($0.99 or more) will automatically be upgraded to VIP 15.
- VIP shop and all its slots will become unlock-able following this gold recharge.


- Free daily hope rewards increased from 40 to 66. Time window to collecting it increased from 4 to 8 hours*.
- Hope cap increased from 70 to 99 (caps at player level 60).


- Some missions now reward you with gold instead of crystals*

Online Rewards

- Improved online rewards - players will now receive 50k soul coins (instead of 1k) and 100 gold coins (instead of 20) when staying online for the required amount of time every day*
- The 6-Day gold coins rewards for returning players have been increased.

Gold Purchases

- Increased the amount of daily devil cache gold received from 200g to 600g.


- Large DB now gives more points per stone: +300 per HP DB, 30 per ATK & DEF DB.
- Hope bottles now refill 100 hope.
- Rood now refills 6 rood.
- Battle Scrolls now refill 10 battles.
- Some old global broadcasting messages are back!

* Changes with an asterisk (*) next to it will still display the old value in game but the amounts received / costs will be the new ones mentioned above. Players still need to have the minimum balance of old amounts in order to purchase the items.

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Post time 2017-10-29 21:47:16 |Show all posts
By any chance will there be a way to still purchase gold to to to VIP 15. When i try to buy Google play store says the item is unavailable. Is there any chance of bringing back face shards for cards like Charybdis and other cards that don't appear in Arena store and IM island, still stuck on +6 for her ans want to upgrade but cant find the shards.
BTW this is Grimsdu8 thanks for adding me on the gate your Tefnut is insane

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Post time 2017-10-29 22:01:15 |Show all posts
Edited by PK2000 at 2017-10-29 22:09

yes you can get vip 15 but you must use an apple device like an iphone or something.  The login is the same for your profile.  Chary shards drop from zhong kui in guild battles and lubu sometimes.  If you have facebook then we can also talk there...  Contact in game so facebook contacts can be exchanged.  
  You know Duelcool.  I am kumpattie etc.  

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Post time 2017-10-29 22:04:54 |Show all posts
Thanks for info but I don't use an Iphone so that doesnt help much thanks for letting me know where to get shards. Where in guild battle island do they show up

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Post time 2017-10-29 22:11:33 |Show all posts
There is a work around if you know someone who has an iphone.  I play android but duel plays apple.

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Post time 2017-11-2 18:26:05 |Show all posts
PK2000 replied at 2017-10-29 22:11
There is a work around if you know someone who has an iphone.  I play android but duel plays apple.

I only have and use android. :/

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Post time 2017-11-19 07:33:14 |Show all posts
Lord Akhlut? I have this one...
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