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Launcher v0.2.6 [Copy link]

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Edited by aku at 2013-3-11 11:16

Latest launcher version is v0.2.6

If you have problems with launcher feel free to leave comments here.

Q. What is the launcher?
A. The launcher is application which keeps the game version on your PC in sync with our servers. You can download and play the game directly, but you will need to update it by yourself. The launcher will automatically deal with it for you.

Q. Why is the launcher opening ports and uploading something somewhere?
A. the launcher is part of our game distribution platform, which uses p2p communication for delivery. It means that you are getting only SECURE game data from our web server.
The game itself is seeded to you from your nearest seeders in case if no seeders are available from our server. It reduces load on our servers and speeds up your download speed considerably.

Q. Why are the updates so big and I need to download 100-300 MB?
A. The p2p technology which we are using tracks file changes, sometimes we produce small changes in the game files but it affects all pieces. In the near future we will add features to speed this up.

Q. Can I use another directory to store the game?
A. Yes, you can. Open the settings window -> "General" -> "Game directory", choose path where do you want to store the game. Make sure that it is not the system directory and you have write permissions.

Q. Why do I need to update the launcher version?
A. As we have seen, a lot of people are using a pretty old beta version of the launcher with some bugs in. These bugs are already fixed and you only need to update your launcher to the new version.
As of 5th of  February we are dropping support for the old launcher versions, make sure that you get the latest from http://angry-red.com

Change log:
v0.2.6 current
* Proper handling for paths in foreign languages on windows: since this version launcher not using locale for path encoding anymore.

* proper exe path in game.cfg on windows.

* UI cleanup

* new settings and settings dialog
* ability to move game data to another folder on fly
* proper bt-session shutdown
* per game app settings
* version info in settings window
* rewritten cross-platform path handling

* windows: fixes unity path detection on vista bug.
* windows: not forcing admin privileges anymore.

* CF launcher, same code - different game
* alternative storage path
* windows: require additional privileges.

* UI changes: added connection limit field in setting dialog.
* default conn limit changed: 128 -> 32

* kitten free build, "Launcher is already running, no wai you can has cheesburger." removed.

* bt internals tuning
* bt user settings
* skins support
* exception free logic

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Edited by warbirdnut at 2013-7-3 11:33

Has there been an upgrade to the Linux client?  I have version the akanerio-launcher- package installed from http://software.opensuse.org/dow ... =akaneiro-launcher. After playing for a few hours (well, probably 3 to 4) a server disconnected dialog popped up.  I tried logging back in and apparently I couldn't reconnect.  I restarted the launcher and a dialog saying, "The client and server versions do not match. Please update your client." appeared. I havent been able to log back in.

This occured at apprximately 10:00 pm US Central time July 2.

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Love the Launcher doesn't take long at all to download....:}

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