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Game Mechanics Explained (Huge WIP) [Copy link]

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Edited by dashgalaxy86 at 2013-2-6 19:10

The mechanics of the game are explained in layman's terms below. If anything is false or you have information to fill in some of the blanks, then please let me know by posting below.

Mechanics of Akaneiro

Experience and Leveling Up:
Experience is what you need to get in order to level up. Leveling up allows the player to choose one of the three stats to increase. All stats will increase by at least one, and HP will also go up. You get experience by:
1. Killing enemies (stringing together killing blows in rapid succession gets more EXP than killing only one foe)
2. Killing bosses and rare monsters
3. Completing missions on any Threat Level other than Secure.

Karma is the currency in the world of Akaneiro. Karma can be acquired one of three ways.
1. Karma can be collected while on missions by killing enemies, smashing pots, or opening chests.
2. Karma is rewarded to the player for completed missions.
3. Karma can gotten through selling or transmuting items.
4. Karma can be purchased via the in-game store or through the website.

Karma is used to buy everything in the entire game. It is possible to get to level 20 and unlock all game areas and get a variety of excellent loot without purchasing karma using real money, but it will take significantly longer to do so.

Selling and Transmuting:
When in town, items can be sold at the normal item vendor for 100% of their "Value". However, if you are on a mission, you do not need to drop your low value you loot in order to pick up higher loot. You can click on the bottom right corner's purple button that says "Transmute". From there, right click on any item and you convert it into karma. It is only half as efficient as selling at the vendor, so you will get less karma this way.

Buy things at the vendor by right clicking on the item you want. Simple enough, and very standard. Mousing over an item will you tell you more about whether its in the store or in your inventory.

This will eventually have lots of complicated information hopefully.
Two factors affect the loot that you get. They are as follows:
1. The world threat level at the time of departing on your quest. (To generalize, low threat means more valuable loot, high threat means less valuable loot)
2. The type of monster you killed (rare, boss, or normal?)
3. The size of chest that you opened (pots/smashables, small chest, big chest?)

I would love to get some exact numbers on the mechanics, such as threat ratios and the exact drop rate various chests and monsters.

Threat Level:
Threat level has several important effects on gameplay.
1. The higher the threat level in a mission, the more powerful and numerous the monsters are.
2. The higher the threat level in a mission, the higher the bonus XP/Karma reward is at the end of the mission.
3. The higher the threat level IN THE WORLD, the lower the quality of drops. (how about quantity?)
4. The higher the threat level IN THE WORLD, the higher the XP bonus from combos (is that right?).

Threat level can be raised or lowered for a karma fee. Paying up karma to lower the threat level on lots of areas can bring the global threat down, which would make grinding for quality items easier. Be careful, though. Once you lower the threat level, exit out of the mission screen and then go back in to refresh the threat meter on the mission map. Then select your area, then select your mission and pray for blues.

Still no complete information on this yet. Will update ASAP.

Stats and Classes:
Will finish everything else later.




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Edited by dashgalaxy86 at 2013-2-6 22:24

Deleted in fear that I was exposing too much about the game's mechanics for an official thread.

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No point in doing this ;) there's going to be a wiki.

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LOL well I had fun trying to be useful.

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Cassielle replied at 2013-2-6 09:27
No point in doing this ;) there's going to be a wiki.

fan made or officially?

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We'll keep it quiet then for now, and if anyone wants to contribute they can still PM me and we'll do our best to interpret the data in preparation of the wiki.

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Level 7

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Still needs updates and support for the community

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Big update planned for tomorrow or the weekend at the latest. I need people to keep sending me their nude character sheets in the "I need your help!" thread.

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