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Akaneiro Toys in BHB! [Copy link]

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To celebrate the launch and succesfful funding of Akaneiro on Kickstater, four new AKA toys have been added to BHB!


"Angry Red"

The legendary hunter of demons that formed the Order ofAkane. She fought in many great wars against the demons, eventually giving herown life to close the gates of hell. Her legacy lives on in every "RedHunter" of the Order.

"Melon Zombie"

Not even fruit escapes the corrupting yokai influence. Thesemelon headed shamblers pose as ordinary produce, laying in wait to ambush andconsume unsuspecting farmers and hungry travelers.

"Amano Imp"

Sneaky and uncouth, imps often form into tightly-knit clansocieties. The Amano Clan are forest dwellers, adept at camoflague andshamanistic yokai magic. Lacking intelligence, they're often used as footsoldiers by more powerful yokai.

"Bloodfang Werewolf"

The Bloodfang Werewolf Clan is essentially a bandit army.Under the cunning and brutal leadership of Chief Bloodfang, they have torn downmany noble houses and plundered a great deal of wealth, armor and weaponry.They're battle hardened and merciless.


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