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valentino sneakers i
<P>The terror of Ernie and Bert As an acquaintence recently posted on FaceBook, it pretty terrifying. The joke is that the kid watching the show that is, the viewer is supposed to be the nose snatcher. But <a href="http://www.valentinosneakers.com/"><STRONG>valentino sneakers</STRONG></a> it doesn work. The viewer just ends up thinking that a strongfingered nose snatcher has broken into the studio and is lurking behind the camera.</P> <P>And then the poor kid is left with that <STRONG>http://www.valentinosneakers.com/ </STRONG>disturbing image of Ernie, all odd and blank and sad.</P> <P>Of course, Sesame Street would never do that now. Some might say the watereddown version of Ernie and Bert is representative of today invogue, coddly parenting style, where parents don let their children go in the woods or bike alone.</P> <P>Maybe. But all I know is that at 42, the nose thing still freaks me out. PS: If you listen hard, you can hear someone say right before Ernie loses his nose. Photo: and Bert (w th Rubber Duckie) Halloween 2007 by Jason Paul Smith. Share on FacebookClick to share on TwitterClick to share on PinterestClick to email this to a friendComments</P> <P>I thought it was funny lol. I loved Sesame Street as <a href="http://www.valentinosneakers.com/"><STRONG>valentino sneakers sale</STRONG></a> a kid, but it stupid now. It IS very watered down, and if you ask me, Elmo does not need to take up the last 20 minutes of the enitre show. I mean, who asked him anyway?? He wasn even PART of the original Sesame Street crew. He was just some random red extra puppet they found in storage.</P>
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