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Salt Lake City Golf When I see how clean and unused the women's tee box looks at my home course, I have to wonder, is golf a man's sport? Before making a call to your favorite equal rights organization, please allow me to explore the question. In Fife, Scotland there is a town called Lundin Links. Lundin Links is home to both a women's golf club and a men's golf club, both completely separate courses and still segregated. It would be natural to ask, in this new age of equal rights and responsibilities, how can this type of obvious segregation still be in existence? How can there still be segregation in golf? The reason could be quite simple; women enjoy playing golf with women more than men. But why wouldn't women want to spend every possible moment on the golf course with us men? After a recent corporate golf outing, my wife, who has probably played golf all of 3 times, told this story; "By the second hole, we decided that the women would separate into their own group, due to the seriousness of the men's play. We (the girls) enjoyed making up our own rules such as; if your ball remains rolling on the green after a putt, any teammate can 'guide' it into the hole with their foot. We also made up the fivesecond rule. If you miss your tee shot and it only rolls a short distance, and you can retrieve it within five 'Mississippi's', the shot doesn't count." Yes, she was serious. I am increasing believability by not quoting the one about yelling any number that comes to your mind if you believe your ball is about to strike another golfer and you can't remember exactly which "fore" to yell. Now I am not sure how much you know about the rules of golf, but those aren't them. When I play golf with my friends or in an event, I am trying to beat everyone else around me and put on my best show and effort. Of course with friends it's a little more laid back, but the desire to beat friends, colleagues, brothers, acquaintances, bosses, dads, and everyone else on the course is very strong in a man. Perhaps that is what the camaraderie of golf is all about? Men want to compete and win against everyone. Women want to assist their friends and have fun doing it. Let's face it: women and men are different and I am grateful for those differences. I'm not proposing that we stop playing golf with the women in our lives. I am only suggesting that perhaps there is a reason that separate ladies and men's clubs still exist in the world. Men and women like their time away from the opposite sex and want to be able to compete in their own ways and with their own rules. What about that http://www.vougers.com/mcm-c-71/ little Scottish town with segregated golf clubs? The first women's golf organization was founded in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1893, and still exists to this day. It's called the Ladies Golf Union of Great Britain and Ireland. Due to his father's influence and his own travels, golf has been his career for 15 years. Byron's a former member of the IPGA. During his career he has been the PGA representative for Carbite Golf, the International Golf Tour, the International PGA and a golf professional/consultant to Heritage Golf in St. Andrews Scotland. He has published two books and is currently finishing his third. Please contact Byron with your comments and questions. Contact meAXS EntertainmentAXS EntertainmentMusicMoviesTVArts ExhibitsPerforming ArtsNFLNHLMLBNBAFight SportsSoccerRecreational SportsReality TVMusic FestivalsLifeLifeHome LivingPetsStyle FashionFamily ParentingHealth FitnessEducationReligion SpiritualityWeight Loss DietingWeddingsGardeningHome ImprovementRelationshipsGreen LivingNutritionNeighborhoodsCareers WorkplaceSales DealsHealthcareJobsHobbiesSportsSportsMLBNFLNBANHLSoccerFight SportsRecreational SportsCollege SportsGeneral SportsFantasy SportsMotorsportsHunting FishingHikingCampingRunningEquestrianWater SportsAction SportsEndurance SportsRecreation.
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