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valentino shoes comm
<P>Factors <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">cheap valentino shoes</a></B> Affecting the Performance of Children in the Classroom Education is the key to a successful future, so it's important that you assist and encourage your children to help them get as much out of their schooling as possible. Unfortunately, there are many students being left behind in the school systems because they are victims of some of the many factors affecting the performance of children in the classroom. Knowing what these factors are and recognizing them in your child or student will help you in getting him to perform at his educational potential.</P> <P>It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of the American population is affected by a learning disorder of one type or another, which can be hugely detrimental to any child's ability to absorb and comprehend information. A learning disorder is defined as an extreme difficulty in one or more areas of learning (like arithmetic or reading) that can be linked to perceptual or memory problems. These disorders are <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">valentino shoes</a></B> common and do not reflect at all on your child's intelligence; it just means she might require extra help and possibly the use of a different teaching technique to help her achieve the same success as other students. If your child is falling behind in school and is displaying frustration toward schoolwork, she could be suffering from such a disorder. Students who suffer from learning disorders are often suffering from other conditions that exacerbate the disorder, such as dyslexia and hyperactivity disorders. If you suspect that your child is falling behind because of a learning disorder, contact the school to find out what the medical and educational options are to help get her learning to her fullest capabilities.</P> <P>Although many children who suffer from learning disorders also suffer from attention deficit conditions, disorders such as ADD and ADHD pose their own problems for children in the classroom. ADD and ADHD are similar in that they involve a child who has has trouble paying attention for long periods of time. Children of ADHD have hyperactive tendencies on top of their lack of attention span, causing further problems in the classroom. Children suffering from these conditions are often impulsive in their behavior and sometimes are misclassified as <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">valentino shoes sale</a></B> "problem children" or "behaviorally challenged." These conditions can manifest in many ways and are often hard to recognize and diagnose. If you suspect that your child's attention difficulties are caused by a similar condition, make an appointment to visit your child's physician to determine the best course. With a combination of educational therapy and medication, it is possible to manage these conditions to help your child perform better academically.</P> <P>Sometimes children perform badly in the classroom because there are socialization issues that are causing them not to focus on their schoolwork. If a parent or teacher notices that a child is particularly withdrawn, these issues could be the culprit. If a child is deemed "different," either mentally or physically, it can sometimes cause discrimination among his peers. If a child is being bullied, he will often be withdrawn and afraid to interact with students in his age group. Bullying is a serious issue that can greatly affect a child's ability to perform up to his potential, but it is not the only social issue that could be causing subpar academic performance. Children can also suffer from issues like anxiety and shyness, which affect their active participation and the amount of effort they put into their work. If you are noticing that a child is often withdrawn from the activity going on around him, have him visit a school counselor on a regular basis to determine the underlying cause and the actions that teachers and parents can take to help the child.</P>
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