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valentino shoes onli
valentino shoes onli
<P>Commodities Rule Again I feel like I've fallen asleep and someo e transported me back to about 9 months. the whole gang is back! HAL9000 is on a buying spree of epic proportion. </P> <P>Breakout. breakout. breakout. breakout. global growth is back. Obama says so (well actually he said yesterday the economy is bad and getting worse details, details). Everything he touches, turns to gold. Best. President. Ever. And he hasn't even started. At this pace the market might get back to all time highs by Inauguration day. Surely Dow 40,000 will be in reach by end of term 1 in 2012.</P> <P>I'm having flashbacks as all my old positions are being taken back to the future by HAL. The charts above are why I say it makes <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">valentino shoes online</a></B> zero sense for you to spend even 1 minute of research in commodity stocks. In the new hedge fund era of the past few years, you just buy 1, and they all go together; they are all the SAME stock in their eyes. If it's coal, if it's natural gas, if it's wheat, coffee, oil service, infrastructure, steel, fertilizer, iron, dry bulk shipping, oil service it all is 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon and the hedgies will move en masse into ALL of it. And vice versa.</P> <P>That is the casino we've built, so you don't need to waste a precious moment doing research or fundamental analysis on any of the companies just buy 1 or 2 and you own them all. You can even buy 8th derivatives like Gafisa or Mercadolibre as long as the stock is located in a country with commodities to sell; it gets run up as if it has an oil field under its headquarters.</P> <P>"Student body left". "Student body right" it's been like this for well over a year now. It's nonsense but this is the 'efficient market' in action. Horde trading. Computers at their best.</P> <P>When I start seeing action like <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/ </a></B>this (stocks no one wanted two weeks ago there are now fist fights on the casino floor over who can buy it first) and reading the bullishness that has now overtaken everyone, it's time to get my jacket on, and begin slinking to the door with the Exit sign over it, keep one foot in the party with my Vodka Kool Aid tonic in hand, but be ready to be the first to the door when the cops come.</P>
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