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valentino shoes s so
valentino shoes s so
<P>Hackney threatens Nike over logo The logo, which appears on public buildings, council vans and staff uniforms in the east London borough has been used on tshirts, vests, trainers and footballs designed to promote Nike's grassroots football campaign for the World Cup.</P> <P>Mayor Jules Pipe said: "We have been using this logo for more than 40 years since before England won the last World Cup.</P> <P>"I was shocked that such a huge global company would use it without even approaching us for permission. "One way of putting this right could be giving us a fair percentage of the retail price and some sportswear <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/ </a></B>for every school child in the borough.</P> <P>"Nike <B><a href="http://www.vougers.com/valentino-c-127/">valentino shoes online</a></B> have taken for their own profit something that belongs to the people of Hackney." He added that he wanted assurances the kit was ethically produced and said merchandise should be withdrawn until a settlement had been reached.</P> <P>In a statement, Nike said: "Nike has produced a small range of products that celebrate Hackney Marshes as a symbol of all that is great about amateur football.</P>
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