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valentino shoes uk h
valentino shoes uk h
<P>The History of Nike Bill Bowerman was a successful University of Oregon track coach with an inventive spirit. Back in the 1950s, he started experimenting with ways to boost his competitors' performance, exploring <a href="http://www.valentinoshoessale.co.uk/"><STRONG>valentino shoes uk</STRONG></a> how to better everything from running surfaces to sports drinks. But the experimentation that fed into Nike involved his quest to perfect the lightweight running shoe. With his wife's waffle iron in hand, some latex, leather and glue, Bowerman developed the waffle sole that is now synonymous with running shoes everywhere, according to the National Distance Running Hall of Fame.</P> <P>Celebrity endorsements abounded in the 1980s. The first successful campaign was for the debut of a signature shoe in 1985. The celebrity face was a young basketball star named Michael Jordan. The 1987 Air Max campaign was quickly followed by the "Just Do It" campaign featuring Bo Jackson, followed by the 1989 "Bo Knows" campaign. These ad campaigns proved so successful, according to Nike corporate, that the company that had been foundering in the early part of the decade (due to a reliance on the aerobics movement that didn't live up to expectations) surged ahead to become the market leader by the close of the 1980s.</P> <P>These days, Nike is less about celebrity "faces" and more about shoes and the technology behind them. In 2000, in conjunction with the Sydney Olympics, the company launched Nike Shox. The shoe had 15 years worth of research behind it. According to Nike, other more recent innovations have harnessed the Web and customization. NikeID allows customers to go online and build their own shoe or Tshirts using colors and patterns of their liking. Nike+ is touted as the "world's largest running club" and allows runners to track their mileage and performance using a small chip inserted into their shoe.</P>
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