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valentino uk fabulou
valentino uk fabulou
<P>What Are Sprints in Running Hey, my name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister. And today, we're going <STRONG>http://www.valentinoshoessale.co.uk/ </STRONG>to talk about what are sprints in running? Sprints, sprints are one of the most <a href="http://www.valentinoshoessale.co.uk/"><STRONG>valentino uk</STRONG></a> fabulous exercises you can do for absolutely, with absolutely no equipment, for absolutely no fee. All you need is an open and the willingness to go out and get uncomfortable, slightly. The idea is, sprints are slightly different from running. A sprint is somewhat different, because it's a much shorter run and it exerts a lot more energy and power. Very seldom do you often get a chance to breathe deep and heavy, you're snatching air during your sprint. Because the sprint is what we call anaerobic exercise, an exercise that does not require much oxygen. Aerobic exercises, I'm sure you've heard of aerobics, require lots of oxygen, lots of cardio. So,the difference between a sprint and your steady state run, is a sprint is a lot more intense. Forty, fifty, sixty, hundred yard dash is considered sprints. So, you want to be able to have a short, powerful burst, as opposed to a long cardio, anaerobic, or aerobic burst of energy. Alright, so the best thing for you to do, is to go out and just run. Sprinting is having fun, just like we used to do as kids. So, get out, enjoy the great outdoors, and sprint. My name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister,and that is what we call sprinting in running. </P>
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