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<P>and the Family America was founded by thinkers, serious thinkers who struggled with new theories of how things ought to be, rather than resting content with how things were. They believed the old political relationships between the rulers and the ruled were falsely based on pretended rights of strength, wealth, birthright and tradition. They concluded that these connections were manmade rather than natural, and therefore were not morally binding. They decided that the only morally binding relationship between a government and its people would have to be based on consensual agreement of all the parties. These 'contracts' would have to be freely entered into by equal partners, and rationally negotiated for everyone's benefit.</P> <P>Family relationships were a different matter, for it seemed evident that these relationships are based on nature. Rulers and ruled are not drawn to each other by any natural longing or love, but lovers and families are. It was therefore expected that family relationships would remain intact, and this in itself would be a good thing for the state. When loyalty and devotion to a divinely ordained king was replaced with a dispassionate political contract, there would be far less emotional force to make citizens remain loyal during times of difficulty. Instead, people would turn their passions toward their loved ones. Because the state protected families and kept them safe, however, this would provide a powerful incentive for remaining loyal.</P> <P>But American history is the story of the continuing forward march of our twin goals of freedom and equality, and this dual mission has now reached deeply into our family relationships. Husbands and wives and children argue about 'freedom' and 'equality', and establish relationships based on agreements rather than nature, negotiating these agreements with due regard to individual rights and sovereignty. The issue remains on the table, however, of whether the intimate relations between men and women, parents and children, are fundamentally shaped by rational choices or natural impulses.</P> <P>Personal freedom now demands the same respect as political freedom. As a result, the old tension between longing for personal freedom and longing for intimate attachment, between individuality and mutuality, once understood to be the permanent condition of human life and a source of much serious thought and creativity, no longer troubles us very much. There is hardly any tension left. Freedom won.</P> <P>The complementary struggle for Equality has put an end to much injustice, but along the way it attacked <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/">valentino shoes online</a></B> all the legitimate differences amongst people as well as the illegitimate ones, and "PC" now makes it dangerous to even discuss whether there are any legitimate differences that ought to be reinstated.</P> <P>This vast extension of our political project into our personal lives first appeared in two successive waves during the <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/">cheap valentino shoes</a></B> 1960's the sexual revolution and feminism. The first championed Freedom, the second championed Equality.</P> <P>The sexual revolution freed us from the remaining residues of Puritanism. No longer were any obstacles in the way of the free expression of our sexuality. Making love, not war, was to become our primary activity, and this was promised as the key to true happiness. For this new project, men and women would necessarily become <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/rockstud-boots-c-13/">valentino boots</a></B> more emphatically men and women.</P>
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