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valentino pumps as a
valentino pumps as a
<P>Commercial <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/">valentino shoes sale</a></B> Model Job Description <P>Hi. My name is Amy Erinberger and I live in Eugene, Oregon. And I've been a commercial model since I was about 5 years old off and on. I go by the name Amy Erin and I mostly work in the Portland market. And I'm here to tell you what a commercial model is. A commercial model is not a fashion model. I'm not an editorial model. I don't appear in Vogue or on the catwalks in New York City. I work for catalogs, commercial companies, local businesses here in the northwest mainly that hire us to promote their products. One of the jobs I did recently was for Sahalie. And <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/">valentino shoes on sale</a></B> they are a company out of Portland that sells clothing and outdoor gear. We were flown to Aspen, Colorado and we worked about five days on this shoot plus a day of travel in and out. And that was a a rate of $850 a day. So that is about what I expect <B><a href="http://www.valentinoshoesvip.com/rockstud-pumps-c-12/">valentino pumps</a></B>&nbsp;as a model at my level. I get about $1000 to $850 a day. And I also break it down by the hour if necessary for clients that only need me for a shot or two. And that would be more like $100 to $150 an hour. Just depending on the kind of work. We also do runway and commercial like I said before so there is a need to know how to speak and carry yourself properly. Some acting is a good idea to just get comfortable in front of the camera. So that's a bit of an example of what my job requires. </P>
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