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Share brazilians
JDOG 2013-7-29 05:21
cade os brasileiros???
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Share Interview with the Vampire
tobasko 2013-2-19 23:39
It was really hard to find the original book, written in english.. So i had to resort to ebay eventually I've been waiting for a books for quite a while, but now I will finally be able to enjoy the reading :3 Does anybody else there fancy for The Vampire Chr ...
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Share Bleh this sickness.
Alice 2012-9-25 02:04
I've been sick for the past couple of days but yesterday and today are the worst days. Dayquil every four hours, lots of vitamin water, soup and rest. Today I decided to go to school but only after oversleeping through my first class, and boy did I make a mistake! Regardless of whether I go to scho ...
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Share SpicyWorld coming to life
tokay 2012-9-19 11:07
It's an exciting day. We're testing all the social and communication features for SpicyWorld... the micro-social site that will wrap around all the games we're publishing to the platform. Users are going to be able to connect with each other, share content, earn badges, blog, join in forum discussio ...
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