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gibe me pts or i report u
2013-9-22 07:47:57 Reply
why cant i hold all these points
2013-3-18 04:52:01 Reply
one day, i will have over 9000 points
2013-3-9 07:26:27 Reply
And that proves it. I cant level up... FFUUUUU
2013-3-5 06:33:43 Reply
3k pts, thank you spamspamspam
2013-3-5 05:36:59 Reply
24 pts to go... i could make a new thread and digest it...
2013-3-5 05:33:00 Reply
plz have a snow day plz have a snow day...
2013-2-27 09:09:48 Reply
2013-2-26 05:31:37 Reply
Moment of truth is almost here... just over 400 pts to go to see if i can level up... then ill have all my custom stuff =D
2013-2-25 05:40:21 Reply
feel free to add me
2013-2-22 04:55:32 Reply
Today, i found the best way of getting gold...
2013-2-17 12:49:17 Reply
NANANANANANANANA UPDATE! I don't get these often...
2013-2-13 08:53:57 Reply
one derp wallpaper to go, please
2013-2-6 07:45:27 Reply
alright, im like halfway to level 7...
  • KimiSage: Father than me anyways (2-5 11:31)
2013-2-5 06:13:40 Reply
cant think of a good background to use... wall might be blank for a week :(
  • Duke: draw one in paint :P (2-4 05:34)
  • B10H4Z4RD: naw its k, ill just upload some rlly derp comicks and set thta s my bacgroundr (2-4 06:00)
  • KimiSage: Ahaha, dood. I have so many problems with choosing a picture. I have to make sure that the text is visible...lucky for me, i found teh right background (2-4 18:13)
2013-2-4 04:21:51 Reply
i need points... im less than halfway to level 7... and i cant even edit my signature QQ
  • KimiSage: I dont even know why doesn't even show up! (2-4 17:23)
2013-2-3 11:30:34 Reply go there too
2013-1-22 12:00:28 Reply go there
2013-1-22 11:59:49 Reply
time to spam my own wall for points
2013-1-21 10:29:47 Reply
made a new background pic for my page... now how do you modify signatures >.<
2013-1-13 07:10:12 Reply


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