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B10H4Z4RDX 2013-11-30 06:58
B10H4Z4RD: ikr i need more pts
niger spam yo own wall
B10H4Z4RDX 2013-9-23 03:08
i like points, points are good
456321 2013-7-12 01:47
B10H4Z4RD 2013-6-19 04:15
rusak is that-a-way
Riksh 2013-6-18 19:01
довольно забавный вопрос на чужом спейсе, но...
Игра полностью английская, но там язык почти нулевого уровня сложности.
And hey, why you talk in "this strange language" here)) ... and you grammar skill very low(
GUG@ 2013-6-18 01:35
привет а игра Akaneiro есть на русском языку
? а то она у меня полностю английскоя
456321 2013-5-5 03:53
Moxxie 2013-3-21 19:03
Just a MSG passing BYE !  
456321 2013-3-15 01:06
can i join your group?
HenThai 2013-3-14 07:06
B10H4Z4RD: nice name
Haha thanks :P
456321 2013-3-14 01:06
hello its me 456321 i added you :)
Moxxie 2013-2-28 07:21
Hello !  
Hardhorse 2013-2-25 07:39
Hey!  I had to write on the wall of the first person to visit me!  Does this give you a point? Meh... it should!!
Origami 2013-2-25 05:48
B10H4Z4RD: say... what is in that supertester update checklist
Oh, I can't. ;) But no new content yet, mostly bugfixes and small improvements.
Origami 2013-2-24 00:32
That's the rank for supertestes needed to access the special forum section. So we're probably going to be renamed in future, but thanks anyway! :D
Japanes 2013-2-21 04:47
If you want to write in the group - just write!  and we all answer you=)
Japanes 2013-2-21 04:44
Thank's man)) i do for all of us =) there are still 9 .. and then continue with the new patch =)
Japanes 2013-2-17 00:55
I see nice pict in profile)))))))^_^
Japanes 2013-2-16 19:15
Japanes 2013-2-15 16:09


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