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456321 2013-7-12 01:48
Dr.Mosby 2013-3-12 20:38
Distraction: I love your Avatar!!! :D
there were kids and moms around,i was under huge pressure posing that....
Hardhorse 2013-3-2 04:02
Distraction: ...again I didn't say its not nice.
Don't tell anyone but the "cowboy thing is a tad ironic-y for me.
Of course like many U.S.A.-ians I loved cowboys in my childhood....
Ahhh I remember when......... oh er never mind.
How akaniero going? Finally got char up ta 20!! got my first blue yesterday!! woot!
Hardhorse 2013-3-1 00:25
Distraction: Em I know I didn't say that its not,I said its premade from spicy and everyone can use it.
I  guess "cowboy" doesn't really do much fer ya huh?! well that's okay... but I'm cool with stock cause it's....  COWBOY!!!!

Hardhorse 2013-2-28 06:26
Hmm maybe I laughed too hard, errr-mmm. excuse me....
Hardhorse 2013-2-28 06:25
Distraction: Yes thats from spicyworld,if u want to get your wn background take the image and upload it.Its easy if you can't find how feel free to message me back ...
R u kiddin! Didn't you hear me ?!!! It's called COWBOY!!! LOL!!!
Hardhorse 2013-2-27 00:37
Distraction: Search on google images
Ah well I found a stock cowboy one... It's called cowboy! had to have it... heh
DTBIncarnate 2013-2-26 11:18
A wild Incarnate appears.
Hardhorse 2013-2-26 09:11
Yeah it is a good back ground, I want one too!
oniryuk 2013-2-16 02:54
Distraction: Sexy background :D
Tnx ^-^
B10H4Z4RD 2013-2-15 05:20
Distraction: Hi Happy Vday!
thnx, u too  
Moxxie 2013-2-14 08:18
just wanna say Hi !
B10H4Z4RD 2013-1-21 10:42
you are now on the bhb top 100 no lives leaderboards! how do you feel
B10H4Z4RD 2013-1-15 05:27
empty walls suck, let me be the first to spam this one


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