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I should be studying. But nooo, I'm watching television on my laptop while in bed. The epitome of lazy.
2012-10-3 12:09:45 Reply
Tonight is spaghetti night. Is there anything finer than pasta?
2012-10-2 09:47:29 Reply
If you haven't checked out the map-making contest, do! There are some awesome maps showing up.
2012-10-1 00:01:18 Reply
It's the weekend. I should be doing homework. I think I'll go eat a banana.
2012-9-29 12:21:36 Reply
I need to work but I have to go to school! I love going to school but I'm distracted by work. KILL ME NOW
2012-9-28 03:57:12 Reply
*phew* Weapon Hexing and Enchanting is all 'splained. Now, I wait...
2012-9-27 14:13:53 Reply
So much happening all at once. I should participate!
2012-9-27 08:46:54 Reply
My new status is not sleeping.
2012-9-26 13:28:59 Reply
I've updated my status. This is what I am doing.
2012-9-25 09:02:04 Reply
This is my update to my status. I will probably forget to change it. Then again, it probably will not change.
2012-9-24 13:34:43 Reply


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