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Moxxie 2013-2-15 07:30
Just wanna say hello !  
KimiSage 2013-2-2 02:14
Add friends on the game, eh eh?
karmacappa 2013-1-26 13:06
The game is pretty good.  Doing a lot of testing on it lately.
KimiSage 2013-1-25 15:18
Ohey, you alive :P Hows the game?
karmacappa 2013-1-11 07:57
My top things I would like fixed in Akaneiro (in no particular order)

1) Make sure every character always has access to at least 1 mission a level 1 character can beat.
2) Fix the text errors in the bounty givers map for Shivering Pines
3) Spirit pets need to last 2 days
4) Food should not allow you to consume more if you already have that buff
5) There needs to be a marker somewhere saying what your current level cap is
6) Missions need to gain threat more slowly, players with high numbers of areas unlocked are stuck at higher global karma than players with only a few areas unlocked.
7) Don't let players summon infinite allies for free
8) Give a better mission goals description for Creeping Cold (5-2)
9) Slow down the spawn rate on Creeping Cold (5-2)
10) Fix the mission completion code so that once you complete a mission, all of the "return to village" options have the same effect as using the green jewel.


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