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MorningtoKei 2014-3-21 14:23
Hi Mr.Mcgee 您好!

Pardon my intrusion on your wall. However I just can’t miss this chance to talk to an actual mobile game developer. Being an aspired mobile game designer and spicy horse gamer myself, I've been lurking on your spicy forum for quite some time now. I really enjoy your reposes on the forums, in a way your responses anthropomorphized (if I used this word correctly) a company’s CEO which gave me courage to post this massive note on your wall >.<.

Now if I may ask, what goes in to your thought process when you’re brain storming a new game? Also, what is more important: a great idea/game concept or proliferate programing skills to implement that game? (Even though both are necessary) I guess what I’m trying to ask is how far can a great idea get someone in this industry?

Lastly, I can’t help but notice 您的中文真的太厉害了!您觉得中国(上海)怎么样啊?word on the street is that 上海 is the most materialistic province in China   (according to all other provinces lol). Btw 那里有羊肉串吗?If not, then you have to go north to 北京 or something,羊肉串are simply delicious .

PS: I like the way you outsource   .
Scipy 2014-3-20 10:27
hi u there?
chian 2014-3-6 09:30
tokay 2014-3-3 18:55
我是美国人, 但是我也可以说中文 :P
I have lived in 上海 。。。 八年多。
chian 2014-3-3 16:48
learning Chinese       
mido_raizen11 2013-3-28 12:40
El Barto was here
tokay 2013-1-7 10:01
Akaneiro Kickstarter is going well. Please lend your support!
tokay 2012-11-2 10:02
Woot! Akaneiro is finally in Closed Beta.
Twigs-192 2012-9-25 07:00
@tokay you guys are still on edge/2G!?
FlightTribe 2012-9-24 17:08
I've set my phone up as a wifi hotspot so I still get internet on the Nexus when I'm out and about  :)
tokay 2012-9-24 15:08
It's cool so far. I wish it had a 3G card in it... then it could be used EVERYWHERE. But other than that... great.
Crazy Fairies looks really nice on it. Still some control issues to improve.
Can't wait to see Akaneiro running on it!!! :)
FlightTribe 2012-9-24 12:02
Enjoying the ole Nexus7 ?

it'a s lovely tab  :)
Admin 2012-9-23 05:12
Small suggestion:  Set up new user account rules such as NOT being able to use the words "Admin/American/Administrator/Mcgee/moderator.  -Twigs
Alice 2012-9-22 07:52
The forum is amazing! The layout is really nice, and everything seems to be running smoothly. The best way to test it is when the forum will actually get a lot more people to see how the forum's host will hold up.  Thank you for the invite from the other forums. ♥
tokay 2012-9-19 11:43
anything would be better than the monster you created... painful memories of myspace...
FlightTribe 2012-9-19 11:29
Ohhhh custom, horse wall.  I should make a custom one too !!


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