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Talked to my regular client yesterday about looking at his laptop to clear some spyware, I find out later he died this morning :( 42 years old, heart attack.
2013-3-14 05:41:04 Reply
Camera enemy spawn test in Unity Alice
2013-3-12 08:32:59 Reply
UA has some amazing new post processing effects.
2013-3-12 05:28:09 Reply
"I love having to play a single player game with a persistent internet connection!"  -said nobody ever. I really hope Maxis get's it head out from EA's ass, don't treat your client base like pirates . ...
2013-3-8 13:35:58 Reply
Fuck me, I'm so sick of my political science class.  My two week break couldn't come any sooner
2013-3-1 10:44:25 Reply
Kind of obsessed with The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3) , so many unlockables!
2013-2-28 14:29:50 Reply
Behind on my cable bill, looks like I'll be tethering my iphone for the next couple of days.
2013-2-25 00:34:51 Reply
Getting some new uses out of my abandoned PSP
2013-2-24 14:00:25 Reply
Having the worst headache right now!  
2013-2-22 14:29:45 Reply
So... The Android version has got some problems (to say the least)
2013-2-21 01:32:06 Reply
On my way to hooters in west covina with my bro
2013-2-15 10:06:12 Reply
Sitting on my couch watching Xena with my cat wile drinking a cup of liquefied crack AKA: Java
2013-2-5 12:21:14 Reply
Just unlocked my iPhone, now I don't have to worry about traveling blind :D  .  A big warm F*** you to AT&T with love, you can't stop me from modifying my own personal belongings
2013-2-5 02:29:32 Reply
I really shouldn't be watching Xena from 11 - 2 AM every night...
  • Duke: LOL (2-4 20:58)
2013-2-4 17:13:18 Reply
Been crazy busy this week, just got in contact with a professional artist with a degree in music to possibly do our score for UA.  Sent off the assets to Omri Koresh, should be an interesting month..
  • Neutron15: can you upload a sample of it? (1-29 13:04)
  • Twigs-192: That really depends on the artist and I coming to final written agreement that states its okay to host his work before completion.  If he accepts I'll post clips on my server and link it here. (1-29 13:09)
  • Neutron15: thanks (1-29 13:11)
2013-1-29 13:01:08 Reply
Here's what project Unity Alice is looking like on the low setting with a crappy mac mini.  Short Video:
2013-1-20 13:48:54 Reply
So proud with my high score of 11,105 on hacky cat. That is until I see Ken's tweet of 17K, goddammit...
  • Neutron15: hacky cat? (1-20 13:25)
  • Twigs-192: Ken Wong's latest game, it's due in the app store soon. (1-20 13:47)
2013-1-20 13:13:12 Reply
I raped my campus library of all Unity3d books along with learning Javascript and C++ tutorials.  Now I have something to read on crapper wile I sit and go over UA's roadmap.
2013-1-19 04:11:01 Reply
its too damn early for english lectures...
2013-1-19 00:58:27 Reply
Totally bullshitted my way through a homeland security presentation in my political science class, but it totally worked  
2013-1-18 09:46:51 Reply


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