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Share Art addiction
Alice 2012-9-28 09:26
My Art professor this semester has been a huge inspiration to me. He's an incredibly well known artist http://christophermir.com/paintings/2012/index.htm . He gave me this really shway idea where you take photo paper for cameras and scribble ideas with a sharpie marker. It gives it a ver ...
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Share Bleh this sickness.
Alice 2012-9-25 02:04
I've been sick for the past couple of days but yesterday and today are the worst days. Dayquil every four hours, lots of vitamin water, soup and rest. Today I decided to go to school but only after oversleeping through my first class, and boy did I make a mistake! Regardless of whether I go to scho ...
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Share Just a test.
Alice 2012-9-22 22:43
I just wanted to make sure everything is working properly. So far so good. On a happy note, Silent Hill is opening up a theme park in Universal Studios. I'm a happy panda!
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