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Unofficial tester, forum moderator, Cassielle's pet.
2013-2-7 06:25:38 Reply
Over 100,000 karma shards and counting. All blue equips. I'm ready for level 21!  
2013-2-5 01:11:19 Reply
Never force restart while windows is uploading. Took a full day to reformat my computer.  
2013-2-4 14:41:50 Reply
2013-2-3 02:43:24 Reply
So... full days work farming 57k shards to buy the epic sword, only to have it glitch and not give it to me. Had no problem taking my shards though...
2013-2-2 07:12:37 Reply
Farming the giga tree for some spare karma shards. I'm too OCD about rare weapons.
2013-2-1 15:52:17 Reply
Hurray for Akaneiro launch! Boo to losing a hard earned 400+ thousand farmed karma shards x.x
2013-1-31 11:53:24 Reply
I salivate a little every time I see a boss with a prefix "UBER"
2013-1-30 09:01:14 Reply
Hoping to farm enough karma shards to buy that epic sword..
2013-1-29 09:27:58 Reply


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