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Xaalz 2013-2-5 12:59
thank u for help, i will try this <3
Origami 2013-2-4 18:40
Make sure that you're using the latest launcher build from official site. Remove current one and use one of those:
normal launcher -
or full ~500mb packed game, created for people that have problems with downloading game data via launcher -

If it still won't help you, I advice you to try the web-based version in a meanwhile at (there's also a chat on right where you can get a help from mods and devs almost at any moment of the day) and send a report with your client issues directly to devs @
KimiSage 2013-2-4 16:32
Xaalz: man, i write here cuz i dont know what else to do, maybe not your job, but i need help i have the freaking &quot;Connecting&quot; problem, i log and c ...
Well, I have not experienced this. I don't know if you've tried everything Have you considered just recreating a new account? I know that sounds lame cause you'd be restarting. But, that possibly could help. Have you created another character and see if that connects? If not, it may be the game itself that glitching on your computer which you may have to report. Ahaha, I could also say restart your computer. I know for sure when my game freezes,  I have to restart my computer or force the game to quit a few times before it works....I hope these work if not, I have no idea. Terrible that this has occurred!


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