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tobasko 2013-2-19 23:39
It was really hard to find the original book, written in english.. So i had to resort to ebay eventually I've been waiting for a books for quite a while, but now I will finally be able to enjoy the reading :3 Does anybody else there fancy for The Vampire Chr ...
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Share The Vampire Diaries group
tobasko 2013-2-18 19:59
Hey guys, I am sure there're a lotta TVD fans amongst us ... So I took the liberty of creating the TVD group where we all can discuss the series-related stuff :3 Feel free to join the group (It's on pre-moderation, but it won't take a long for me to add you) THE VAMPIRE DIARIES GROUP
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tobasko 2013-2-17 06:27
Arrrrighty , it's time to watch some "Vampire Diaries" ....I've got the latest episode on my HDD for an almost two days now , didn't have a chance to watch yet.. TVD fans...what's your fav character??? Is he\she still alive or has been killed during all the twists and turns of ...
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Share Crazy space is crazy ....
tobasko 2013-2-16 04:22
So apparently today (or yesterday to be precise since it's 0:15 a.m. already) some crazy-ass asteroid has impacted one of my country's city. It dealt a lotta damage according to NASA. Luckily everybody's fine , although some ppl have been hurt pretty bad You can read about it on N ...
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