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PK2000 2015-10-6 15:11
I wanted to ask an experienced person before posting what might cause a removal of the disciple.  Is there another card besides tomb nymph that has a skill like speed and the morph skill?  Using her with 3 other morph disciples would allow all guild bosses to never touch you.  A little less than 39 seconds for the cooldown.  So with careful timing once all four morphs are cast you can just 4x auto
Webby 2015-5-18 07:47
Ahhh kk!  
What u see is NE, and It's not actually going up 5, it goes from 25/ is just allowing me to level up another 5 levels to become 30/30 !!!    All the hard/boring work of levelling using Fairies etc still to be done ! ;)
I honly level up those levels with Fairies... drives me mad to use anything else ! hahah
SCUBASTEVE 2015-5-18 02:52
The pics in your albums, Pics of your Flaming Mo and others says 552% lvl bonus... And that you went from lvl 25 to 30 on lvl stat pop-up. I was trying to figure out how you could have gone that many lvls at once to show up on stats pop-up...
And even 10 of the 500exp would barely  be enough for one lvl then have to absorb another group of 10.      I thought maybe there was something worth more exp lol.
SCUBASTEVE 2015-5-17 09:35
On your pics where you went 5 lvls in one setting on your flaming mo and other cards, what did you absorb?
Duelcool 2014-12-27 06:44
Oh yeah, we use line a lot! It's awesome!

I tried to add u but it said my search have exceeded and the feature is temporarily unavailable.........dunno what that's about?

Anyway, try me, my id is: michaelsistrunk


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