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Japanes 2013-3-8 05:46
Soki 2013-3-8 02:06
Thanks :]
Japanes 2013-3-7 21:58
Fine too^_^ you have nice avatar...cute girl))
Soki 2013-3-6 01:07
Fine, thank you. And what about you ?
Japanes 2013-3-5 19:28
How are you?:D
Soki 2013-2-21 04:09
Hello :]
Japanes 2013-2-20 21:11
Moxxie 2013-2-14 08:09
Just wanna say hi  
Soki 2013-2-4 19:38
If you're talking about Akaneiro, you should post a thread explaining your problem on the forum :
Xaalz 2013-2-4 16:25
man, i write here cuz i dont know what else to do, maybe not your job, but i need help i have the freaking "Connecting" problem, i log and choose my character and then always "connecting" and after a while it only says " discconected from server".

i tried everything, run as administrator, compability with XP, checkd my net conection, also redownloaded and reinstalled, can u help me or tell me how may help me ?


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