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  • Ophelea is a plop-face. Reply
  • New desk, day 4.  Have examined the crack in my desk closer.  Have now identified what lurks on the other side.  It is in fact... my knees. Reply
  • Day 3 of "New Desk"  I can see a crack in the desk. If I look closely I can see through it. What terrors or treats lie in wait on the other side ? Reply
  • Day 2 of "New Desk"  Morale still high, locals seem friendly, proximity to cache of drinks proving invaluable. Reply
  • I moved desks today.  I'm now approximately 15 meters more south by south west. Reply
  • I love lamp !! Reply
  • Hey everyone, I'm writing on my wall.  CHECK ME OUT !!!     Reply
  • NameFlightTribe
  • GenderMale
  • CompanySpicy Horse.

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Dubhai 2015-10-29 23:53:49
Dubhai 2015-10-29 23:47:42
garzos 2015-1-29 01:08:14
when will we hear more about augments on the forum?
it has been days now the last time you posted a comment.
Benlam83 2014-3-21 15:34:19
Hi Flight,

Can you confirm with me what is the R3 cards needed for Nybras's evolvement?

Scipy 2014-3-20 10:25:26
hi u there?
banky3 2014-2-28 12:19:49
flight need something :(
fylhtq 2014-2-21 23:48:32
Thanks for refund mccora
daveinm 2014-2-13 05:36:05
hello flight   I sent you a message.  please elt me know if you didn't receive it.  thanks
deathmoor2 2014-1-22 01:12:11
Flight needs to stop abusing puppies!!! :(
zairs 2013-8-6 00:46:44
Plop-face? White spray paint lines... just what have I stumbled upon...
Tivin 2013-8-6 00:41:36
Send me a devine axe <3 to merlinkoo. make sure it has +15 def or 3% def as an enchant!!!
Gem 2013-7-8 22:48:45
hi :D
mido_raizen11 2013-3-28 12:37:37
El Barto was here.
Neutron15 2013-1-18 11:52:06
FlightTribe 2012-12-29 16:59:43
VANDAL !!!!!
B10H4Z4RD 2012-12-28 10:52:28
time to graffiti over flight tribes wall *sprays paint*
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